Naive 43% Organic Milk Chocolate

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Another bar from our favourite Lithuanian bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Naive. This time, as you might have guessed from the title, we have a 43% organic milk chocolate. The simple pale green wrapper tells us that this uses Naive’s House Blend chocolate (Haitian and Ugandan beans) and that the chocolate was conched for 60 hours.

There’s also a lovely little story about the chocolate maker’s attempts to milk a cow called Marigold. Luckily for us, his attempts were unsuccessful and he went back to making chocolate instead.

The format of the bar is the same as the other bars – it’s a very thin, glossy slab that looks great. Despite the lack of chunks, it’s very easy to break off pieces in any size

There’s a slightly grainy texture to the chocolate and the flavour is a bit unusual. For me took a moment to get used to, and my instant reaction was that I didn’t like it too much. The chocolate has a nice flavour, but it doesn’t quite sit with the creamy flavour of the milk. The result is that you can taste the chocolate and you can taste the milk, but they don’t immediately sit well with each other.

I did find that after my first couple of pieces, the flavour seemed to come together more and I picked up a lot of caramel notes, and after not being keen on it at first, I ended up really enjoying it. Within a very short amount of time, half the bar was gone. Coming back to it the next day, my experience was similar – I enjoyed each piece a little more than the last.

As with their other bars, you can’t buy this online yet, but you might be able to pick it up from the Real Food Market and Fernandez & Wells.


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