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I am pleased to say that I have finally found a chocolate maker in Phoenix. I discovered Wei of Chocolate at a farmer’s market, educating passers by about how to get the most nutrition-wise out of your chocolate. After sampling their plain dark chocolate (all of their chocolates are dark, by the way), I chose a variety tube to bring home.

As you can tell from their name, Wei of Chocolate places emphasis on being good to the body and mind; their website even has write-ups on atmospheric, calming, and thankful thoughts to ponder over your chocolate. And I thought I entered into the chocolate experience exuberantly. Wei of Chocolate is also strict on certain points: their chocolates are organic, vegan, and Fair Trade. All that comes with a price tag: one of these 2.25 ounce tubes is $10. One last note before moving on: unless the tube material is some special sustainable kind, I hope that the company’s high standards decide to swap it out soon (to be fair, the larger sets do come in rice paper bags).

Now, inside this tube are nine flower-shaped chocolates in three flavors, looking quite pretty in their colorful wrappers. In the gold is the 65% Daily Gratitude, which is flavored with chai and some other spices. It’s an earthy chocolate with the chai as an ever-present accent rather than an in-your-face flavor. The taste is calm and collected.

In orange is the 68% Cafe Wei, an espresso chocolate. I think I taste espresso. I think. I would believe it, though, if someone told me this got mislabeled. It mostly tastes chocolaty, rich and earthy again. So as I unwrapped the pink 74% Daily Love, the one with “energizing chili,” I began to think. Spicy chocolate isn’t my absolute favorite, so I wondered if this way of subtle flavors would work out nicer. A slow warmth builds up like strong cinnamon. This is the darkest of the three chocolates, yet I still get sweet notes. The sweet, spicy, chocolaty trio come together like a hot chocolate. My prediction was correct: I like the mood of this chocolate. It’s stronger than I had expected, but the use of cinnamon with the chilli is unique.

In a quote off their website, Wei of Chocolate describe themselves as “designed to be the ideal catalyst for a daily practice of loving and caring for oneself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.” As their ingredients and taste go along with this ideal, I would say they’re a place you can go to if it is your ideal, as well, or if you simply like the Fair Trade and Organic pair.


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  1. Chocolate is a processed food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, does not trigger migraine headaches and boosts one’s appetite. The sugar in chocolates may reduce stress and have calming and pain relieving effect.

  2. Hi Deanna – Thanks so much for the review! You are absolutely welcome to enter the chocolate experience with exuberance – in our book, joy and awareness are best when together! We have recently updated our labels, and they are now an eco-friendly corn-based biopolymer (Earthfirst PLA). The tubes are the most easily recycled plastic (PET 1); the caps are recyclable PET 5. We continue to explore other options as well. I agree, the espresso in Cafe Wei is on the subtle side, contributing to a well-rounded mocha experience that doesn’t blast “coffee!” Should we amp it up? Let us know what your preference is –
    Also with the new labels, we discontinued the Wei Happy mix, but now have a 5-flavor mix in the rice paper bag called All the Wei – it adds a beautiful citrus and the pure dark 70% to the ones described above. Thanks, and enjoy!

  3. Lisa – glad to hear about the packaging, and yes, I personally would prefer a stronger coffee taste. I like the mellow mood the chocolates all had, but I felt like the Cafe Wei was a little too subtle.

  4. Good to know! Thanks for your input –
    -Lisa, Wei of Chocolate

  5. marguerite

    I likes coffee!! hahhaha. Deanna, nice sleuthing! and so great you made the Chocablog Lisa!! Wei should really be a household name 😉 it’s so absolutely primo on every level. I love it. Everybody loves it!! hahaha save me a ton for st. Valentines day!! <3

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