Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint

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Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint

When I found this, I inferred from the design that it would either have a unique approach or too much hype. Since Alter Eco doesn’t deal in only chocolate (tea and rice are two more of their products), that could be a possibility. They first opened a store in 1999 in Paris, with reaches into North America and Australia in 2005. They now have a total of 56 products from 19 different countries. This one uses cocoa mass from Bolivia, Peru; unrefined cane sugar from the Philippines; cane sugar from Paraguay; and cocoa butter from Bolivia, Dominican Republic.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint

Alter Eco’s chocolate is made in the Swiss tradition, and I’m glad to say that this bar at least delivers well. Probably not the most unique, yet neither is it the overly-hyped option I guessed at. The peppermint is infused, and it’s really a treat to have in fresh, fine-quality when there are so many average quality variations. It’s strong enough to keep your focus on it, though quiet enough that you can still get a good grip on the chocolate if you switch your attention over. At a minimum of 60%, it’s mostly mild and warm with just a touch of spice. Having both flavors gives your taste buds a nice bit to work with.

My one complaint is over the grains of sugar that disrupt the chocolate’s smoothness. In a few cases, it can be a nice aspect, but it doesn’t belong here. Still not a huge deal. It’s very enjoyable, though being USDA Organic and Fair Trade, it’ll set you back around six dollars for 100 grams.


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  1. Jeong

    What is a cacao ass?

  2. Hannah

    I was thinking the same thing – you may want to change it to “cocoa mass”… 😛 I’ve tried their dark with cocoa nibs and it was wonderful – only problem is it was a gift, and I can’t find it anywhere for myself!

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Oh dear. I’m a great editor, aren’t I. Fixed. 🙂

  4. Christine

    Hehe. I didn’t see the typo but I figure that cacao ass is what you get from eating too much choccie 🙂

  5. Hannah

    Yes, but it’s also known as “happy ass”.

  6. Anna

    I thought the grains of sugar made it even better!

  7. Ashleigh

    I have just tried this, and generally agree with Deanna. I don’t really like the grains of sugar very much.

    It is kind of growing on me.

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