Zotter Schönberger Red

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Something else from our favourite Austrian chocolate maker, and this time it’s a boozy little bar containing Schönberger red wine. In keeping with Zotter’s organic / fair trade ingredients policy, the red wine is also organic. There are also a few raisins in there to add texture, and a little grappa – presumably to beef up the alcoholic element.

The form is standard Zotter. The outside of the bar is Zotter’s 60% fine bitter chocolate, which conceals a rich, dark truffle interior. On the nose this bar immediately delivers a boozy aroma, with the raisins adding depth and a lighter, fruity element. In many ways it’s almost like sniffing a rum & raisin bar, albeit a more refined version.

The bittersweet dark chocolate shell is smooth and well flavoured, but as soon as your tongue finds the filling, it’s all about the fruity. boozy flavours. If you don’t like alcohol in your chocolate you definitely won’t like this bar. The rich, creamy filling is home to fragments of raisin, but it’s always the wine (and grappa) that dominates the initial taste. Having said that, once the filling melts, there’s a subtle sweetness that begins to spread out over your palate, and as the last of the filling melts away there’s just enough chocolate (and a few morsels of raisin) left to round off the whole taste experience with lovely cocoa flavours. Once your mouth is empty there are lovely hints of chocolate and alcohol remaining.

I’ve not eaten many alcoholic chocs recently, and this was definitely a good place to start. I’ve only tasted a handful of Zotter’s creations, and so far I’m more than happy with what I’ve had.

With luck Zotter chocolates will become more available in the UK over time, but in the meantime, if you see something from this range (or the Mitzi Blue brand) I’d strongly suggest bagging it (and telling no-one).


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