Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Organic Belgian Milk Chocolate

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I may have become just a tad nervous about reviewing Trader Joe’s chocolate bars: sharp-eyed readers often point out that the chocolate’s identity has such origins as Vosges and Pralus. So who knows who might be behind the innocent “Fair Trade Organic Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar?” But at least I knew it had to be a Belgian company. Further, my brain began jumping up and down upon seeing the shape of the chocolate’s mold: I knew I had seen it before.

Unlike some, this is a distinctive mold, one I have only seen once before. After much trawling through my old chocolate pictures, finally I discovered a little and lonely picture from nearly three years ago, featuring the Hageland dark chocolate I picked up at Walmart. Comments on that post revealed that the people behind Hageland also provide the chocolate for the Whole Foods brand. This bar may not, after all, be related, but I’m nearly positive that it is.

There are three things to learn from the ingredients list: the cocoa content is 32%, the ingredients overall don’t look bad, and it is only “organic natural vanilla flavor” that flavors the chocolate. Hmm. The bar’s appearance is perfectly fine, and it has a fairly long melting time for a milk chocolate. Also are its flavors a step more developed than some: layered, containing hints of other notes I can’t quite place. The mouthfeel is very smooth, possibly too smooth, but at least it isn’t a very greasy bar.

Whatever its origins, this bar is worth its couple dollar price tag. Fair for Life and Organic certified, 100 grams, and satisfyingly sweet, it certainly won’t be your worst chocolate purchase.


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  1. Hi Deanna!
    Just days after reading your post I opened a chocolate bar to find the exact same mold that you have pictured. The bar was a Cachet Premium flavoured chocolate bar. If you don’t know about them Cachet is a mass market but still fairly high-end Belgian manufacturer, so I would think it likely that they could be the origin for the Farmer Joe’s bar you got.
    Hope this helps you track it down 🙂

    • Deanna

      I’m beginning to feel like all Trader Joe’s chocolates are great mysteries. It would be an interesting study to identify all of them–which I imagine would take some time and effort considering how many companies we’ve all brought up as possibilities for their different bars. In any case, Hageland and Cachet seem to be owned by the same person, or to have some such connection.

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