Mitzi Blue Sternenmilch

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Time for another of Josef Zotter’s offshoot ‘Mitzi Blue‘ products (I was going to say ‘bars’ but that would be wrong – this is a disc). This time we have the slightly scary sounding ‘Sternenmilch’ (UK consumers have the friendlier sounding ‘Starmilk’), a full flavoured ‘dark milk chocolate’ which is made using Nicaraguan beans, and organic raw cane sugar.

In keeping with the Zotter philosophy the majority of the ingredients are either organic, fairly traded or both.

This chocolate has quite a fruity, berry aroma, with undercurrents of cream and milk. On the tongue the Austrian full cream milk powder comes through more, blending well with the cocoa to create a surprisingly light taste. It doesn’t have the ‘zing’ or complexity of, say, Hotel Chocolat’s 42% milk bar, but it definitely packs more punch than your average milk chocolate. I had expected stronger cocoa flavours from the outset, but they tend to come through at the finish. Once the chocolate has melted away you’re left with lingering notes of fruit and spice. It’s surprising that this is still a milk chocolate when other manufacturers can put out ‘dark’ chocolate with percentages below 40% (Cadbury for example), and that just makes me wonder what sort of tomfoolery goes on to make that sort of ‘dark’ chocolate.

Happily, Zotter chocolates are available in the UK. They’re not cheap, but you’re unlikely to taste anything quite like Zotter chocolate anywhere else, so if you’re serious about your chocolate I would heartily recommend getting your hands on some of this. My two Mitzi Blue experiences have definitely left me wanting more, and I intend to find more as soon as I can.


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  1. Haha, I take it you intentionally ignored that it is SternENmilch… 🙂

  2. Ooooh we don’t get this Zotter line in Australia yet but it looks gorgeous!

  3. Emily

    We can purchase a small range in the Ballarat area.

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