Zotter Coffee Plum With Caramelised Bacon

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Well would you look at that. Another slightly mad chocolate bar from Zotter. Who would ever have thought. Oh, and more bacon too. Because it’s just not real chocolate if it doesn’t contain bacon.

The official description of this bar is:

Plums marinated in red wine and coffee with roasted and caramelised bacon and dipped in a chocolate filling. Covered in a strong dark chocolate coating.

In other words, it’s a fairly run of the mill filled Zotter bar with everything but the kitchen sink in it (and I fully expect them to come out with a kitchen sink flavour bar at some point this year).

The format is exactly the same as the other filled Zotter bars. A single slab of filling with a thin chocolate coating and an interesting rippled finish. It works pretty well and allows the maximum amount of filling for the size.

But these bars are all about the weird flavours rather than the chocolate that holds them together.

When you break into the bar, you’re first greeted by a pleasant, fruity aroma. Small pieces of plum are visible, but the bacon isn’t immediately obvious.

That’s reflected in the taste. Wine is predominant flavour, with a fairly subtle plum flavour coming in later. The coffee is very subtle, and I didn’t pick up anything at all from the bacon. In fact, the only real indication of bacon is the occasional small, flavourless lump. There’s no flavour to it, so I have to assume the primary reason it’s there is so it can be written on the wrapper to get your attention.

The 70% dark chocolate – or what there is of it – is pleasant, although tasting it in isolation is fairly difficult. Consequently, it mainly tastes of wine and plums to me.

Much as I love Zotter, I think this does seem to be a bar that’s using bacon for bacon’s sake. Take it out and add a little more fruit, and it would be a very pleasant little nibble. The bacon turns it into more of a gimmick – fine as a curiosity if you’ve never tried the Zotter range, bu not really for me.


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  1. SImon

    I think that’s also one of the stranger pieces of wrapper art. Aren’t those little plums wearing streaky bacon jackets?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    There is a joke there about using bacon to keep your plums warm, but I’m not going to make it.


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