Green & Black’s Butterscotch

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“Oh my…
Has anyone reviewed this yet? its making me cheat on my diet, calling me
seductively from the drawer i’m keeping it in. Help!”

When Chocablog reader Kathy sent us that email, I sent both Kath and Ashleigh out to find it. Luckily, they both came up trumps, so it’s time for another one of our (almost) legendary two-for-one reviews!

Ashleigh’s take…

When this came in, I immediately decided on delegation to Kath – the unchallenged Queen of Oz Choc. I had to you see – after having all my management responsibility at work removed, I felt a burning desire to delegate, delegate! Trouble is, she reported back that Green & Blacks is a bit hard to find in Melbourne. So we soldiered on, found some, and arranged to send it to her. Cooperation does exist, in the lumpy bit at the bottom of the planet. Trouble is, she found her own in the meantime. What to do? Damn it – perhaps we’ll both have to review it.

Green & Black's Butterscotch

I have to admit, when I found this was a milk chocolate, I was a bit underwhelmed. Surely butterscotch would work better with a dark. After all, EVERYTHING works better with dark chocolate.

When we open the pack here, we find a nicely presented chocolate, just like all the others we expect from Green & Blacks. The aroma is not especially strong – again much as I’d expect from a milk chocolate. Busting it apart, the little pieces of yellow cruchy stuff are apparent, though still giving no hint of what is to come.

Green & Black's Butterscotch

On trying it…

Oh WOW! This really is something. It’s a crunching choccy. Don’t suck on it or let it melt – crunch it up. And when you do, you’ll go back for more. And more. Caramel, sugar, honey – yes, it has them all, and something else I can’t really define. Just WOW factor.

I feel a dose of the Austin Powers coming on. This is clearly something concocted in the evil labs of Dr Evil, designed to make me into that other famous character, Fat B$#tard. This is wicked stuff. I dare you to stop eating it when you start. I fully understand and sympathise with our reader who requested the review. Calling out it is… calling now. Think I need to go back and check to see if it’s got any worse. Bet it hasn’t.

Hands being draaaaggggeeedddddd away from keyboard……

Kath’s review…

I am a very bad person. Really bad. I bought this block at the supermarket, saying to Love Chunks and Sapphire, “Oooh this is new. I’ll get it and share it with you before writing the review.”

Sorry. I didn’t. I got it home, let it sit there by the bowl of oranges and waited for Sapphire to go to school and Love Chunks to cycle into the weather bureau before taking the required photographs of it.

Green & Black's Butterscotch

Then, I unpeeled the wrapper, took another photo and tasted a couple of squares.

At first, I could barely detect any butterscotch. There was definitely some lovely crunchy bits in it, but they could have been nibs for all I could tell.

So I popped in another couple of squares, chewing this time with much more concentration and attention. Ah yes, a nice, burnt-sugar butterscotch taste but thankfully not as sickly as some. Maybe that’s because the milk chocolate has a fairly generous amount of cocoa – 34%?

I wasn’t entirely sure of the reason, so tried some more. Nope, they disappeared into my cavernous mouth far too quickly, I needed to taste a few more but much more s-l-o-w-l-y, to let the chocolate melt invitingly on my tongue, then smear itself all over my eager taste buds before allowing me to play with the shards of butterscotch teasingly lingering at the end.

Whoops, I must have zoned out a bit, because I found myself munching away far too avidly for any serious taste sensation meditation to be done. I reached for a few more squares, then another row, finally the last one and a few guilty licks of my finger to press onto the wrapper to collect any stray crumbs and… Oh dear, none left for my daughter or (hopefully very understanding and forgivingn) husband.

Too brilliantly delicious, too moreish, too naughty. A hundred grams, a schmundred grams – too easy to inhale for a Greedy Guts like myself.

Future Note to self – buy three blocks next time so we all get to try some.


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Comments On This Post

  1. Carmen

    Now look here, this is so unfair! I only just started my Slimfast today! This sounds absolutely divine. Kath – your review was verging on x-rated! *g*

  2. I know 🙂 Chocolate is so much more than mere brown squares!

  3. kathy

    EX-actly! i don’t think that 1st block of mine lasted the night! i resisted, and then devoured the smegger in one evening!!

    Thanks for reviewing the little beggar, its nice to see the addictive qualities of this stuff verified!

    Oh, i’m going to have to go for *SUCH* long walks…. my local Woolies has a whole lot of G&B choccies there…. milk, dark, super dark, dark ‘n orange, white, and the infamous butterscotch.

    to add to the unfairness i buckled and am now (as slowly as i can) devouring a roast almond lindt block…. and i nommed through half of that and an extra creamy block in one night!

    Its a conspiracy! A conspiracy i tells ya!!

  4. Ben

    I love this chocolate. I am so glad Woolworths have ramped up their range on this brand…

  5. GarnetFox

    I absolutely love this, but it doesn’t love me. :o( My body seems to react badly to milk powders in chocolate, so I have to stick to Dairy Milk etc now. Butterscotch G&B is so nice though!

  6. Kathy, that’s why I have a treadmill 🙂

  7. Christine

    I’ve only tried some of the dark varieties of G&B so far but this does sound quite tasty. I’ve seen it about and might just pick up a block today (along with the cherry one which has been calling my name…)

  8. Christine, you won’t regret it, believe me….

  9. Ben

    Hopefully Cadbury don’t put this product in a box, shrink the size and add vegetable fat (even if it would be organic vegetable fat)…

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