Café-Tasse Dark Chocolate With Orange & Black Pepper

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Here’s a little something I picked up in Brussels the other week. Café-Tasse is one of hundreds of shops selling chocolate, but as the name suggests they actually sell more tea and coffee than chocolate. That said, there are still a fair number of bars available to buy. This particular bar caught my eye simply because it contained a hitherto untried combination of flavours. We’ve seen lemon and pepper more than once, and I tackled a strawberry and pepper combination last year, but never orange and pepper. Until now.

At 58% cocoa solids, I’d categorise this as ‘bittersweet’ chocolate. All of the principle ingredients are organic (the only one that isn’t is the natural orange flavour) and as you can see, the chocolate has a dark hue and a glossy sheen. The Café-Tasse logo is stamped across each of the six chunky fingers of chocolate that make up this 85g bar. There’s a definite citrus whiff to the bar, but it really comes into play when you pop a piece of this chocolate into your mouth. The orange flavour is there from the instant it hits your tongue, and it’s there until the last of the chocolate has melted. Then it’s the turn of the pepper, which builds gradually as the last of the chocolate tails off. It’s slightly unusual to begin, and I did find myself wondering if this might turn out to be one of those slightly scary spicy chocolates, but the pepper never reached threatening levels, providing a warming spiciness to the finish.

I found myself rather enjoying this bar. As I write this I still am.I doubt you’d find this outside Belgium, but if you happen to find yourself in Brussels it’s worth your while keeping an eye out for the Café-Tasse shop.


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  1. I recently reviewed another dark chocolate and orange bar like this. We loved it and thought the tangy orange and cocoa combined well. I’m sure that if you’re a chocolate fan like me and loves to buy dark chocolate bars then you’ll find this bar to be a great choice.

  2. Perli

    I just bought my son a similar bar (we’re in Germany). It was milk chocolate, and a different brand. He said it was the strangest thing he ever ate, but he liked it.

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