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On the episode of The Simpsons where Homer forms a barbershop quartet, there’s a conversation when the foursome are trying to come up with a name which states they picked one which was funny the first time anybody heard it, but then got less funny each and every subsequent time.

They went with The Be Sharps whereas this Nova Scotian company decided upon Just Us! The
exclamation mark, by the way, is theirs.

That might a little harsh because despite having a puntastic name, Just Us! were actually the first Fair Trade coffee roaster in Canada. While that is still their main focus, they also make some Fair Trade organic chocolate bars too with thankfully more normal names like Golden Crunch, Bittersweet Bliss and Midnight Mint.

Now, I do like me some mint chocolate, so that’s the one I went with. The bar is not too big – just 42g – which would qualify as a single serving for most people, and looks rather good thanks to the green foil wrapping. I’m not quite sure when straight forward silver foil became the norm, but it is always nice to see a bit of colour in the packaging especially when the chocolate looks kind of ordinary.

Again, that’s a bit harsh because while the bar is about as plain as they come – there no real pattern or adornments – the actual chocolate is pretty good. It is a perfectly acceptable 70% and while there isn’t much depth to the flavour even with the added peppermint oil, it is rich, smooth and pleasant enough.

Personally, I’d have liked a little more mintiness just to make it a little more memorable, but I’d quite happily eat it again if the appropriate situation ever arose. That might sound like damning it with faint praise but it is just a decent bar of chocolate, and that is a whole lot better than an unpleasant one.


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  1. Ashleigh

    Perhaps the name was inspired by “Westward Ho!” – also spelled complete with exclamation mark. Not only the name of a book, but also a village in Devon, UK. Certainly raised my eyebrows driving past many years ago.

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