Soma Black Science Dominican Republic Cacao Nibs

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So here we have another offering from Toronto’s finest chocolate maker, and another gift from the suitcase of Judith Lewis. A 75g foil pack of Dominican Republic cacao nibs covered in 82% dark chocolate.

Presumably the chocolate is also Dominican Republic in origin, although the packaging doesn’t actually say that. But it does include the helpful warnings “User may experience euphoria” and “Strongly addictive”.

Obviously, the warnings are just there for effect, but quality nibs do have an addictive quality to them. That’s helped of course by the fact that they’re coated in chocolate. It may be a hefty 82% cocoa solids, but the sweetness is enough of a contrast to the nibs that it makes it very easy to just rip open the pack and pour them into your mouth. Which is exactly what I did.

Doing this, while fun, was clearly a bit of a mistake as my whole body is buzzing as I attempt to write this review.

I’m not sure I’d call the experience ‘euphoria’, as it’s more like a sustained caffeine high (the theobromine in chocolate is very similar to caffeine. 75g may not seem like a lot, but I can now say from experience that eating even half of that in one go isn’t a great idea. They are a very tasty little snack, if you can limit yourself to a few nibs at a time.

Unfortunately, that’s not something I seem to be able to do.

Luckily for me, these are still difficult for us non-Canadians to get hold of. But if you do live in Canada, you can place order by email, and if you’re in the Toronto area you could even visit Soma’s new shop which has just opened on King Street.


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  1. I can get Soma a mile from my office – though, I think just a few bars. Likely not these nibs, unfortunately. Judith makes every one of their creations sound divine in here reviews, so I’m not surprised to hear a similar review here.

  2. Michael (Chocablog Staff)

    I got a bag of the naked Black Science nibs on my last visit to Soma and I’m rather enjoying them too, but I kinda wish they were covered in chocolate. Sigh. Next time…

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