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Why You Shouldn’t ‘DECHOX’ This Easter

Don't give up chocolate this Easter!

Happy Easter!

British Pathé newsreel shows chocolate eggs being made.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Selection

A selection of Hotel Chocolat hollow eggs.

The Chocolate Festival Easter 2014

A gallery of photos from The Chocolate Festival

Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Flavoured caramel mini eggs from Rococo.

Hotel Chocolat ‘A Nest Of Egglets’

Three filled mini eggs in a milk chocolate test.

Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

Does this chocolate bunny taste as good as it looks?

Hotel Chocolat ‘The Connoisseur’ Extra Thick Easter Egg

A rather post Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

Easter chcolates from Melt of Notting Hill.

Paul A Young Hot Cross Bun Brownie

An Easter treat from Paul A Young

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Egg Sandwich

A salted caramel milk chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat.

Paul Wayne Gregory ‘Season’ Easter Egg

A hand painted milk chocolate Easter egg.

Betty’s Gloucester Old Spot Easter Pigs

Easter chocolate pigs from Bettys.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Collection

A box of Easter chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Chococo Milk Chocolate Rattle Eggs

Milk chocolate eggs with a rattling surprise.

Zotter Easter Fire

Advocaat and chilli wrapped in bean to bar milk chocolate.

Marks And Spencer Luxury Egg Selection

Milk, white and dark chocolate Easter eggs from M&S.

Paul A. Young Easter Egg Hunt Kit

An Easter Egg Hunt Kit of the finest quality.

Demarquette Easter Glam Clam

An Easter clam full of mini eggs!

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Velvety Square Egg

A sculptural looking Easter Egg from Marks & Spencer.

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Easter Egg

A milk chocolate Easter egg in the style of a banoffee pie.

Matcha Chocolat Easter Egg Selection

A box of beautifully filled dark chocolate Easter Eggs.

Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Mini Easter Eggs

60g eggs with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Chococo Dark Chocolate Golden Egg

An Easter egg for lovers of the dark side.

Hotel Chocolat Keepsake Easter Tin

A decorative tin filled with flavoured mini eggs.

Fortnum & Mason Hand Decorated Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

A beautiful hand decorated Easter Egg from Fortnum & Mason.

James Chocolates Firecracker Egg

A 70% cocoa dark chocolate egg, but it’s James Firecracker chocolate, and therefore home to chilli, pepper, spice, and of course popping candy.

Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers

It’s probably been 32 years since I last had eggs with soldiers, but this cute little Easter box from Hotel Chocolat still managed to catch my attention.

Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Chestnut Milk Chocolate Egg

I'm a big fan of Lucky's. Their Valrhona enrobed cakes are as innovative as they are delicious, so I was excited to hear they were branching out for Easter.

Gorvett & Stone Cinder Toffee Easter Egg

Make no mistake, this is an egg for those with a sweet tooth. But it’s made with care from quality ingredients, and I quickly managed to scoff my way through far more than I should have done.

Paul A. Young Billingtons Simnel Brownie

There's no question in my mind that this is the best brownie in the world. If you don't manage to get hold of one between now and Easter, then you're missing out.

Cocoapod EasterEggs DIY Kit

In this kit, you get four flat egg-shaped slabs of milk chocolate, a big bag of mixed sweeties, a bag of small chocolate buttons for melting (and sticking said sweeties to said eggs), and a some miniature paintbrushes to help make the whole process even easier.

Hotel Chocolat Quail Eggs

A cute little box of a dozen chocolate mini eggs with assorted fillings.

James Chocolates Caramel & Vanilla Easter Egg

This is the first of a handful of eggs I received from James Chocolates. It’s one of their 60g eggs, which means two things – it’s not going to last you a week, and it won’t cost an absolute fortune. …

Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

In the aisles of holiday goods, this Easter egg caught my eye — hazelnut truffle in a real eggshell? That’s a new one for me. It was three or four dollars, but looked very pretty, so I had to try …

James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

I’ve reviewed a few James Chocolates products before and had mixed experiences. More often than not, they’re beautifully presented original designs, but the actual chocolate has left something to be desired. I usually find James products in the “expensive chocolate …

Galler Mini Eggs

I was a little surprised when this arrived – no trademark Galler orange packaging for these eggs, just a simple sellophane bag tied with a neat little ribbon. At a shade under £5 for nine eggs (that’s a little over …

Artisan du Chocolat Creme de la Creme Egg

I picked this little egg up from Artisan du Chocolat’s stall at the London Chocolate Festival on Friday – a freebie for remembering their ‘magic word of the day’. They come in milk and dark chocolate varieties. This is the …

Rococo Chocolates Quail Eggs

Two days ago I bought a house. As you can see, it’s not a very big house, but with London property prices the way they are, it’s all I could afford. The house in question was purchased at the London …

Paul A. Young Sea Salted Caramel Egg

Ask me to list my favourite chocolates of all time (which people do all too frequently), and right up at the top of that list are Paul A. Young’s sea salted caramels. We saw quite a craze for sea salted …

Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

Ah, Asda. Part of the world’s largest public company and purveyor of fine chocolates… perhaps. We’ve never actually reviewed anything from Asda – partly perhaps because they’re not known for their chocolate, but primarily because nobody at Chocablog lives anywhere …

Rawr Chocolate Eggs

We’ve reviewed a few raw chocolate products in the past, but this is the first Easter-themed raw chocolate I’ve seen. Raw chocolate, if you don’t know, is chocolate that hasn’t been heat treated, has had minimal processing and is made …

Lindt Mini Eggs

Easter is nearly upon us, and the first item to catch my eye on the shelves of my local Tesco was this little packet of mini eggs from Lindt. Once again, I fear I may have been led by pretty …

Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Egg

It’s easter egg time again! The second egg that Hotel Chocolat sent us this year was this attractive looking creation dressed in black and gold. As you’d expect from Hotel Chocolat, the packaging is top-notch. Inside the tastefully designed box, …

Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg With Gold Bunny and Carrots

I saw this pack in the supermarket the other day, and though it terribly kitsch. In the twue spiwit of kitsch, this weview now has to be pwesented with a speech impediment, a combination of Bugs Bunny and I’m feeling …

Pink Lady Chocolate Bilby

To the non-Australian chocolate fans amongst us, the above heading might sound a bit alarming or even slightly rude, but it’s not. Pink Lady is an Aussie owned chocolate company based in Melbourne (so I’ll hopefully be paying them a …

Aero Mini Egg

Earlier this week, Nestlé’s PR people got in touch to ask if they could send us some samples of their new Aero Mini Egg… and within a couple of hours of giving them the details, a courier turned up with …

Hotel Chocolat Creamed Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich

Easter is approaching rapidly, and that can only mean one thing – more Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat. They’ve been kind enough to send us a couple, and I’m starting with the smaller of the two. This 100g egg is …

Easter Competition

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED Easter is approaching, so we thought it was only fair we gave away more chocolate! This time, we’ve got together with our friends at HandyCandy.co.uk to give away a Jumbo Chocablocka Hamper and a bunch …

Smarties Mini Eggs Easter Egg

It’s Easter egg time again! This time we’ve got something a little cheaper than the Hotel Chocolat offerings we reviewed last week. And you can tell from a single look at the packaging that this egg is aimed at a …

Hotel Chocolat Serious Dark Fix Egg

One of the many tempting offerings from Hotel Chocolat this Easter, the Serious Dark Fix Egg is, as one might expect, aimed at those who prefer their cocoa content in the 70th percentile. The shells (extra thick as always) are …

Cocolat Easter Chocolates

Originally known as ‘Death by Chocolate’, Cocolat is a South Australian owned and operated company based at Balhannah in the Adelaide hills that specialises in hand made chocolates, cakes and desserts. They have two dessert cafes that I have been …

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road To Caramellow Egg

I’ve lost count of the number of times the postman has knocked on my door with packages from Hotel Chocolat. But this time my reaction was more “Oh.” than “Oooooh!” The box was much smaller than I had been expecting… …

Green & Black’s Dark 70% Easter Egg

I have to admit to being a little surprised that Green & Black’s make Easter Eggs at all. It just seems a little frivolous for what is normally such a serious chocolate brand. Something tells me they wouldn’t have done …

Red Tulip Bunny vs Heritage Eggs

Red Tulip chocolates were founded in 1949 but have since been acquired by Cadbury Schweppes. Despite this, they are still regarded fondly by most Aussies and still considered to be a separate identity because we all have memories of just …

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Milk chocolate eggs in a crispy shell.
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