Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg With Gold Bunny and Carrots

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Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg With Gold Bunny and Carrots

I saw this pack in the supermarket the other day, and though it terribly kitsch.
In the twue spiwit of kitsch, this weview now has to be pwesented with a speech impediment, a combination of Bugs Bunny and I’m feeling it just has to be thith way.

So, Bunny and Cawwots. Or perhapth that thould be cawwotth. Anybody would think itth Eathter Time coming. And that meanth Eggth, and Wabbit Theason (dethending into farth: Wabbit Theason… Duck Theason… Wabbit Theason… Duck Theason…) Them Bwotherth Mithter Warnerth hath a lot to anthwer for.

Yes, its Easter time. Traditional time for chocolate Wabbits and Eggth. How these two got together is a strangely contradictory mystery, because Wabbith DO NOT lay Eggth. This is however the first time I’ve seen the bunny come with Carrots.

Oops, sorry, Cawwotth.

Examining the pack, we have a large box with 130 grams of contents. At a mere $15, this means I’m paying Mr Lindt about $100 / kg for Milk Chocolate. After opening it, you can see, the bunny and egg are not especially large, the Carrots are the novelty item, and worth of further examination. In the end, though, they are just more milk chocolate, presented in a carefully molded plastic tray.

When eating any kind of Easter Rabbits, oops, Wabbitth, in our house there is a very important rule: You HAVE to break the ears off and eat them first. The bigger the ears, the more rigorously the rule is to be enforced. When smaller the children resisted, these days they are more likely to play along. Anything to stop their father busting the ears off when they aren’t looking.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg With Gold Bunny and Carrots

Stripping the bunny and a Cawwot naked reveals that they are, as the box states, just milk chocolate. When stripped, the Cawwot looks more like a folder Mary Poppins (Poppinth?) umbrella. Breaking the ears off the bunny, oops, Wabbit, was kind of hard and I ended up beheading him instead. At least we can see that the chocolate has a generous thickness. It doesn’t taste too bad either, actually – though milk chocolate these days is not really much to my taste. This is quite sweet (backing off the sugar a bit would have made it a bit better), and very rich. It also melts quite slowly. Buy this for novelty value only, it is terribly expensive for what you get. Kids might like it, but for a real chocolate lover, buy them a block of a nice chocolate for about ¼ to ½ the price.


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  1. I agree — for the amount of chocolate, the price is a bit high, although the cuteness factor does mitigate it somewhat.

  2. I agree with Pam – the cuteness factor does go a long way… We haev a pet rabbit in real life and he’d happily over look the carrots for a bunch of parsley – maybe they wouldn’t look as pretty wrapped in green foil…..?

  3. river

    Ith thith weally the firth time you’ve theen the wabbit and carroth together? Becauth they’ve been awound for yearth……

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