Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

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Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Time for some more Easter chocolate treats, this time from Rococo Chocolates. Rococo have always been good at “small and quirky” seasonal gifts, and this box of treats is no exception.

Contained within an old fashioned style egg box are 12 mini eggs, each filled with flavoured caramel.

Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

There are three flavours in all; Kalamansi Lime, Passion Fruit & Rosemary and Mandarin & Tonka Bean.

Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Rococo’s Head Chocolatier, Barry Johnson has become known for these zingy flavoured caramels since taking on the role a couple of years ago. They’re a firm favourite of mine, both for their flavour and texture. I particularly love the kalamansi but they are all fantastic.

The Kalamansi caramel is deliciously citrus, while the Mandarin & Tonka is more subtle, but with a gentle warmin effect from the tonka bean. The Passing Fruit & Rosemary falls somewhere between the two with a gentle fruitiness with a twist of a hint of rosemary.

Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

But perhaps one of the best things about this little box is that each egg is actually two distinct chocolates. That means that this little box actually contains 24 top quality chocolates – it’s not just a quality alternative to a traditional Easter Egg, but it’s one of those rare Easter chocolates where you actually get more than you might think inside the box.

£25 might seem expensive for what is quite a small box. But this is really one of those cases where you’re paying for quality chocolate rather than packaging. They make an understated Easter gift that’s packed with flavour – something much more special than a simple hollow egg.


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