Zotter Easter Fire

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Zotter Easter Fire

Ah, Zotter, how I’ve missed your zany Fair Trade chocolate. It’s been a while, but thankfully, Lee from Chocolatiers.co.uk sent me this Easter themed bar to try.

So what flavours have Zotter chosen to represent the Easter season? Why Advocaat and Chilli, of course!

And why not.

Zotter Easter Fire

With Zotter Easter Fire, the traditional Easter Advocaat and chilli is mixed into a white chocolate ganache with a few other ingredients, before being wrapped in a 40% bean-to-bar milk chocolate.

How does it taste? Well, like Advocaat and chilli, of course! It’s actually very nice indeed. The filling is smooth and creamy, with a very gentle alcohol kick. The chilli is a little bit stronger than I was expecting, and that’s fine by me. The heat gently builds as the chocolate melts and leaves you with a rather nice tingling sensation. Perfect for the cold whether we’re having here in the UK at the moment.

Zotter Easter Fire

As with most of these filled ‘hand scooped’ Zotter bars, the chocolate is very thin, so you don’t get a lot of flavour from it unless you take the time to lick it off first. In the interest of science, that’s exactly what I did, and it has a very pleasant, creamy flavour. But the filling is definitely the star here.

If you want to try something a little bit different this Easter, then I can highly recommend it. As Lee states on the Chocolatiers website, it’s probably not one for kids, what with the alcohol and chilli. But for grown ups, it certainly beats a Creme Egg.


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  1. Hmmm. Normally I like to bite into chocolate to reach a layer of … more chocolate. But I do love a chilli kick, and the right filling can *really* sell a chocolate (Turkish Delight, take a bow). Think I might give them a try, also in the name of science 😉

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