Galler Mini Eggs

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Galler Mini Eggs

I was a little surprised when this arrived – no trademark Galler orange packaging for these eggs, just a simple sellophane bag tied with a neat little ribbon.

At a shade under £5 for nine eggs (that’s a little over 50p per egg) they’re not the cheapest little eggs on offer, but they are made by a company who have a knack of producing some very interesting products, and while these may not have the most sophisticated looking packaging, the eggs themselves are classic Galler creations.

My little bag contained two each of four varieties (all of which were milk chocolate) and a solitary dark chocolate egg (not the proportionse I would have chosen!). The packaging doesn’t go into any great detail about the fillings but it was easy enough to guess that pralines, crisped rice and coffee would be involved. The dark egg contained a smooth, creamy praline filling, a lighter version of which popped up inside a white chocolate egg (the one with lilac foil). Galler tend to pair their white chocolate exteriors with a nicely balanced praline – darker flavours to counter the sweetness of the white chocolate – and it works very well. I rarely enjoy white chocolate on it’s own, but like the Bouchée bars the eggs’ creamy praline centre gets the balance right.

The milk chocolate eggs contained more soft, rich praline, some with crisped rice, others with a coffee praline. The pair of orange wrapped eggs had a solid milk chocolate centre which was sweet, creamy and had a very good mouthfeel.

I thought these little eggs delivered a lot in terms of taste. More classic Belgian chocolate and praline, but unusually not dressed up in fancy packaging. Of course, if you want something bigger and more traditional Galler can also provide that, but if you’re more inclined towards content over style (and after all, you can’t eat the box) then perhaps these little eggs fit your bill? They’re also available in bigger bags, should you feel that nine eggs isn’t quite enough (and who would argue with that?).

For the most part these little eggs duplicate the flavours of the Bouchée bars, only in egg form. I quite liked the unfussy packaging (after all, most Easter eggs are generally 70% packaging, 30% contents with the price ramped up to ridiculous proportions) and these eggs aren’t particularly fragile so they can survive in a bag. There are no surprises here, but that’s fine – after all, Easter Eggs are something of a tradition. Recommended if you fancy a Belgian Easter treat but don’t want to break the bank doing so.


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