Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

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Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

In the aisles of holiday goods, this Easter egg caught my eye — hazelnut truffle in a real eggshell? That’s a new one for me. It was three or four dollars, but looked very pretty, so I had to try it out. These eggs are German-made, by a company called Gut Springenheide. Inside the box, the egg is protected by a plastic case. Freed from these, it looks even more beautiful. The paint has a light shimmer, and the stripes seem to be hand-painted. There is a small piece on the bottom to cover where the chocolate was poured into the shell. Really very hard to want to break into it.

Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

The side of the box directs to “just crack and peal the egg shell.” I gave it a light smack on the plate and found that the smacked part peels off easy enough, but the rest only comes off in small pieces. Consequently, I only peeled half of the shell off at first, using a knife to slice pieces off. It would be too difficult to get at the chocolate, except that part of the novelty is in this shell.

Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

The chocolate truffle is very smooth and soft, the hazelnut much stronger than in most chocolates. It is the second ingredient after sugar. The chocolate seems an alright quality; the texture is probably the best part about it, though it’s hard to tell since the hazelnut flavor is so strong. Towards the bottom, there was a biggish hollow space, but as it doesn’t seem the easiest thing in the world to fill eggshells with chocolate, I hardly mind.

This idea of an outer shell covering a soft chocolate put me in mind of The ChocolateSmith’s wax chocolates, which were also fun to delve into. Being the size of a regular egg, this one seems a little small at first, but at 50 grams, it really is an okay size. I’d buy it again; if these eggs are available yearly, I could see buying one each year.


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  1. Please give us information on who sells these eggs at whole sale prices. We are small business that sold a lot of Kinder eggs over the years and now we are looking for a subsitute.

    Thank you

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