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The Mallow Tailor Chocolates

Beautiful filled chocolates from The Brecon Beacons.

Hotel Chocolat ‘A Nest Of Egglets’

Three filled mini eggs in a milk chocolate test.

Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates

A selection of chocolates from Aldi.

Demarquette Great British Orchard

Orchard fruit flavour caramel chocolates.

Soma Chocolate And Friends

Flavoured disks from Canada's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Thinking Chocolate

We try the famous Haggis Truffle

Godiva Limited Edition Holiday Truffles

Holiday themed chocolates from Godiva.

Hammond’s Crackle Crunch

Milk chocolate with raspberry and popping candy.

Mercedes Chocolaterie Handmade Selection

Handmade chocolates from Finland.

Haigh’s Berries

Fruit flavoured chocolate balls from Haigh's

Chocolatier Herzog Selection

Delicious and beautiful chocolates from Sven Herzog.

Creative Confections Truffles

A selection of beautiful fresh chocolates from Arizona.

Chococo Dark Chocolate Golden Egg

An Easter egg for lovers of the dark side.

Chococo Raspberry Pavlova Milk Chocolate Heart

A milk chocolate heart with raspberry and meringue.

Sadaharu Aoki Gift Box

Beautiful and chocolates that taste just as good as they look.

Thorntons Bakewell Tart

How does Thorntons take on the traditional Bakewell Tart compare to the real thing?

Paul A. Young Bakewell Tart Dome

Paul A. Young is back with another new creation, but has he managed to capture the essence of a bakewell tart?

Paul A. Young Chocolate Frogs

Simple, sweet and cute hand painted chocolate frogs from Paul A. Young.

Idilio Origins Ocumare No. 3 With Raspberries

Swiss chocolate maker Idilio's Venezuelan bar with raspberries. Lots of raspberries.

Thorntons Academy of Chocolate Gold Award Winners

A selection of three Academy of Chocolate award winning fresh chocolates, part of Thorntons' "Wonder Box".

Niederegger Marzipan Desserts Selection

Another little souvenir of a trip to Europe, where marzipan seems to be much more popular than it is here in the UK.

James Raspberry Hearts

In case you weren’t aware (in which case there’s a good chance you’re male and possibly single) Valentines Day will soon be upon us once again, and chocolate manufacturers all over the world have been getting the heart shaped moulds …

Danucci Dark Chocolate Selection

Danucci is a company based in Co. Louth, Ireland who have a chocolatier by the name of Michelle Lowth. This little box contains five pieces – a Sea Salted Caramel (the shiny silver one), a Rustic Praline (the ridged one), …

Berry Scrumptious Mulled Berry Chocolate

Time for something a little Christmassy from Scotland’s Berry Scrumptious, makers of stunningly fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries, and interesting, but less-stunning berry chocolate bars. This “mulled berry” version follows the same format Berry Scrumptious’ other bars – broken shards of chocolate …

Booja-Booja Raspberry Truffles

Booja-Booja sent this little box after company founder Colin Mace found Simon’s review of their Flambéd Banana Truffles and got in touch to say how much he liked our little blog. Never one to miss an opportunity, I managed to …

Gorvett & Stone Eton Mess

I love Gorvett & Stone. I haven’t yet had the chance to visit their Henley shop, but their products have the perfect combination of quality, freshness and fun. I’ve also got a bit of a soft spot for Eton Mess …

Theobroma Chocolat Collection Box

The last time I had something from Quebec’s Theobroma Chocolat, it was a bit of a mixed bag but it turns out that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. The company let me know that their Pineapple bar was …

Chocolate Cafe Manchester Tart

It’s not every day you get sent a Manchester Tart. In fact, until this week I had no idea what a Manchester Tart was – and that’s despite most of my family being Mancunian. Helpfully, The Chocolate Cafe, who make …

Plush Petals

We’ve talked about Plush’s beautiful fair trade chocolates before, and bumped into them at the recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair recently. They promised to send us some “handbags” as soon as they were ready, and here they are. There’s …

Lu Pim’s Raspberry

After my previous encounter with LU biscuits, I’d thought that was the end of the matter. So imagine my surprise when in the same supermarket recently and I found there are more “European Biscuits” to try. This time around, it’s …

Hotel Chocolat Summer Goody Bag

Time for another Hotel Chocolat goody bag! I do love these things, despite the fact that they come in a little handbag and are probably not aimed at me. I think there’s something exciting about ripping open a bag full …

Lindt Essence Assorted Selection

I’ve been itching to try these since seeing them appear on our Supermarket shelves some time ago – a new (?) Lindt offering! Or at least – one I’d not come across before. The small bag contains filled chocolates; to …

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

This little pack from Zotter contains two 35g bars of something akin to white chocolate. I say ‘akin to white chocolate’, because rather than simply being flavoured, these bars have had most of the milk powder that normally goes into …

Thorntons Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost

Yet another from the (seemingly endless) range of Thornton’s slabs (are they trying to outdo Nestlé’s Japanese KitKat range?) this slab comes with added health benefits in the form of ‘Acticoa‘ – apparently two squares a day is enough to …

James Raspberry Truffles

Time for something else from James. This time we have some dark chocolate raspberry truffles. Sounds good. The first thing I noticed about these is that the colour is a little odd. Because they’re dark chocolate, dusted in pink raspberry …

Choki Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Choki of Brockley were new to me at last week’s London Chocolate Festival. Based in Brockley in South London and started by Gemma and Rowan just last year, they produce a range of handmade bars and truffles. Naturally, the stuff …

Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

From the people who brought you the ultra-expensive and ultra-yummy chocolate dipped fresh strawberries comes this collection of freeze-dried berries in chocolate. We have four bars here, in a combination of strawberries and raspberries in white and dark chocolate chocolate. …

Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Guest Chocablogger Catherine May takes a look at something fruity from Godiva… When I first saw this, I was immediately struck by the fact that there is no percentage of cocoa solids listed on this 45 gram ‘Dark Chocolate’ bar. …

Hachez Cocoa D’Arriba Raspberry-Balsamico

Apparently German company Hachez are making a bid for world domination. That can be the only explanation for their rather imaginative bars showing up all over the place because even my little corner of Canada has an impressive range of …

Nestlé KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit

How KitKat’s became so popular in Japan is a mystery to me. This simple little snack was originally created in Yorkshire by Rowntree’s in the 1930s, and for a long time didn’t do anything particularly interesting. For as long as …

Butlers Mixed Berry White Chocolate

White chocolate with freeze dried fruit pieces.

Hotel Chocolat Gorgeous Heart – Fruity Affair

“Gorgeous Heart – Fruity Affair” is a silly name for a silly chocolate. Brilliantly silly, that is. A successor to last year’s ‘Heart Strings‘, this giant 650 gram heart comes in very similar packaging, laced up down the middle and …

Thorntons Dark Chocolate With Raspberry

The lovely people at Thorntons sent me a couple more blocks (actually they sent me a press release and I kind of demanded they just send me chocolate instead) and this particular limited edition block caught my eye. My attraction …

Ressana Raspberry

Another visit to my local butcher means it’s time for more strange foreign imported chocolatey goodness. Or so I thought. Today’s pick of the crop is “Original Biscuit Ressana Raspberry”, which the box proudly proclaims to be a biscuit with …

Organic Meltdown Bars

Some time ago (prior to a dose of what may have been swine flu which rendered my palate inactive for over a month) the people at Organic Meltdown sent over a brace of their bars for my attention. If you’re …

3 Musketeers Raspberry Minis

This limited edition Raspberry flavor is going to be available for Easter this year. Looks like it’ll only be released in these 42-piece bags of Minis. Half of the spring-style wrappers are silver, with the other half a solid pink. …

Endangered Species Cherries & Raspberries

“Based in Indianapolis, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) was established in 1993 to increase awareness of endangered species and the need to do more help support the efforts made in their conservation. ESC ethically source their cacao from family-owned, sustainable forest …

Cocopia Raspberry Caramel Bombe

Here we have a Valentine’s offering from Tesco’s “artisan” brand Cocopia. Milk chocolate hearts with a raspberry flavoured caramel centre, decorated with freeze dried raspberries. Of course, the first thing you’ll notice is the rather smart box they come in. …

Elizabeth Shaw Vodka Shots

It used to be that I associated Elizabeth Shaw with Christmastime boxes of gold foil wrapped mint crisp chocolates, somewhat traditional in style and beloved of the older chocolate lover. Well it would seem that the old girl has had …

Côte d’Or 70% and Raspberries

Having already enjoyed the Côte d’Or milk chocolate varieties before, I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into their 70%. Having raspberries inside was an added bonus. The inviting scent of raspberry mingling lovingly with 70% dark was …

Lindt Lindor Peanut Butter Balls

Matt-tastic from Lindt never lets me down. He popped into Choco-Locketts the other day to present me with two clear boxes of Lindt Lindor Balls. The first box, was filled with some bronzed little chaps I’ve heard about and been …

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Dark chocolate squares with a raspberry filling.

Lindt Raspberry

Raspberry and chocolate is still something of a rare combination here in the UK, so I was rather pleased to have found this bar on sale in a branch of Whittards in London. As regular Chocablog readers will know, I …

Côte d’Or Experiences Noir Framboise

Finding this bar was something of a déja vu experience for me, as I had bought a dark chocolate and raspberry bar in Sweden this Spring and had been unable to find it in the UK. That was made by …
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