Côte d’Or 70% and Raspberries

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Having already enjoyed the Côte d’Or milk chocolate varieties before, I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into their 70%. Having raspberries inside was an added bonus.

The inviting scent of raspberry mingling lovingly with 70% dark was immediately evident the moment the foil was ripped open. The elephants were glossy, almost black and very welcoming. There were tiny slivers of raspberry pieces scattered inside the middle of each square.

This is one incredible bar. The chocolate is distinctly five star quality and I’ll definitely be keen to find and try it as a plain bar when I can find it. The tiny pieces of dried raspberry are left behind to nibble on after the rich dark chocolate has dissolved and its tanginess is the perfect partner to the bittersweet kick of the 70%. Perhaps the bitter and tangy qualities mean that the end result is rich, but not sickly. Instead, this chocolate block is dangerously moreish, and I only gave Love Chunks and Sapphire a square of it each. They were too engrossed in watching a DVD together and I shamelessly took the advantage of enjoying the remaining eight squares myself.

A glance through the ingredients list reveals that the ones included in the 70% chocolate are as expected, but the raspberry filling is, like Nestle’s Club Mixed Berry, a sobering sight for sore eyes. Exactly 1.1% of the total ingredients are raspberries, and further down the list is apple puree and pineapple. Apple is a common filler or extender for berry flavours but pineapple is a new one to me. Oh it doesn’t really matter – Côte d’Or have come up trumps and this little beauty will be a regular drop into my shopping trolley.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ok, so what I want to know is if this is the same as the Noir Framboise that Simon reviewed:

  2. Simon

    Yes it is. I think mine was bought in Sweden (oh, I’m such a jetsetter). From a petrol station, as I recall.
    Like Kath, I am now a regular consumer of this bar – it is a corking bit o’choccy.

  3. Ashleigh (Chocablog Staff)

    Framboise is French for Raspberry, so yes, the same thing.

    I do have to agree with Kath, though. We found this and happily munched our way through a block a little while ago and it is very nice indeed. (Terrible similarity here) I tried to make sure the rest of the family couldn’t find it as I stole one square at a time until it was all gone. I lasted a week or two.

    The raspberry content might be small but this one is a winner. Mighty fine, mighty fine!

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Hmm… oddly, I’ve seen both for sale in the UK – I guess the Noir Framboise was an import.

  5. mariana

    I want it…..

  6. …and I’m just about to sink my teeth into their 86% dark chocolate…!! 🙂

  7. laura

    this delicios things is not available in Spain…hm…Spain isn´t doing too well chocolateywise

  8. Mother Superior

    Help help. I am a Cote d’Or raspberry addict – yes, all the symptoms – bar hidden in salad drawer of fridge, feverish square count every day, no sharing, etc – nothing else will do. BUT, where can I get it now? Our Waitrose has stopped stocking it – miserable lot – please advise. Do Cote d’Or do direct mailing (I could be a BIG customer). Can I write to them direct?
    And by the by, the other great tragedy in my little chocolate world (VERY limited world now – so few are worth getting fat for) is that Rococo, that world-class den of temptation and delight, has stopped doing their geranium flavoured chocolate wafers.
    So what’s to live for, chaps?

  9. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’ll have a check in my local Waitrose later this week and see if they have them.

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