Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Raspberry

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Guest Chocablogger Catherine May takes a look at something fruity from Godiva…

Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Raspberry

When I first saw this, I was immediately struck by the fact that there is no percentage of cocoa solids listed on this 45 gram ‘Dark Chocolate’ bar. Cocoa mass is the second ingredient to be listed (after sugar) and it’s got a lovely dark brown colour so I’d hazard a guess that it’s reasonably high.

The bar is composed of four large square sections with a large ‘G’ written into each to reassure you that this isn’t some supermarket brand and is part of the, much more expensive, Godiva empire of products. Once bitten into, you discover that the raspberry comes in the form of 0.2% frozen raspberries embedded in a chocolate fondant filling inside each of the squares. The chocolate shell is smooth and very enjoyable; in fact, I think I’d have preferred to eat a solid block of this chocolate without the filling.

Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Whilst dried raspberries are listed as the means by which the raspberry taste is incorporated in the bar, ‘flavours’ are also stated to have been used. To me, this took away anything natural about the flavour of the fruit. It doesn’t taste of a fresh raspberry, nor does it have the flavour or texture of freeze-dried raspberries. Instead the flavour is slightly too unnatural for my liking, almost resembling the taste of a fruit yoghurt marketed for children. Think of the shelves of yoghurts with bright colours and characters shaped like fruits and you might get an idea of the flavour that I felt came through in the chocolate’s filling.

If you’re after a cheap snack then this certainly isn’t for you. Equally, I’d be unlikely to suggest it for the consumption of anyone who wants a flavouring free treat. However the dark chocolate itself is rather pleasant and has encouraged me to try more Godiva in future. Which I guess makes this bar a success.


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  1. that’s too bad that it doesn’t taste like fresh raspberries…it would make it an irresistable chocolate bar if it did!

  2. Kim

    Im a Dove chocolatier, and we have a raspberry sauce that tastes like fresh crushed raspberries…also cocoa butter flavoring discs (raspberry, hazelnut, and mint) to add to chocolate as it tempers….gives it a nice, fresh flavor.

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