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Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates Tin

As the festive season draws ever closer I thought I’d have a look at some of the slightly cheaper alternatives to the more extravagant Christmas Collections, and what better place to start than the UK’s favourite budget supermarket?

Yep, Aldi’s Moser Roth brand has a few speciality chocolates on offer, and this tin of Artisan Chocolates neatly bridges the gap between standard and expensive chocolate assortments. As you can see, the packaging has been very well thought out, with the design on the tin being carried over onto the cardboard sleeve. The tin is pretty (and deep) enough to make it worth keeping once you’ve scoffed the contents as well.

Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates BoxOpen

The chocolates themselves are rather pretty. The more observant among you will have noticed a lack of any dark chocolates here – something that left me slightly disappointed – but as you can see these are very attractive looking chocs.

Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates - Creme Brulee

They’re not run of the mill chocolates either. Within the collection you will find things like a Sea Buckthorn and Cassis white chocolate and a Prosecco Raspberry Ganache, as well as a Creme Brulée chocolate which has a rather lovely runny caramel hidden away at its core.

Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates - Buckthorn

I’ve had a Sea Buckthorn chocolate before (from Helsinki, as I recall) but this version definitely scores big on presentation. It was always going to be a sweet little thing but the choice of Cassis means there’s a sharp little fruit hit in there to balance the sugariness.

Moser Roth Artisan Chocolates - Lady Marmalade

It’s a similar story with the ‘Lady Marmalade’ – white chocolate balanced with raspberry – and the Kir Royale.

There’s even a prize winner in there. The Crunchy Dream chocolate won a Chocolate Of The Year award in Germany in 2006.

For me the lack of anything dark in here means I’d be unlikely to buy these for myself, but the reasonably high cacao content of the milk chocolate (35%) and the overall quality and presentation of this £5.99 tin of chocolates make them a surefire hit as a gift item, or just to have lying around for casual nibbling over Christmas. Definitely worth checking out.


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  1. Hello! Just to let you know I’ve been making Sea Buckthorn chocolates for several years; and this year it won the Deliciouslyorkshire Awards. I pick the Buckthorn straight from our coastline. In the chocolate you described it will be the buckthorn giving the sharpness, not the cassis. Buckthorn has such a unique taste, I don’t understand why you’d spoil it by adding the cassis to it?

  2. Nicola Cowen

    I got a box of these from aldi at Christmas. My gosh the best I’ve ever had

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