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The last time I had something from Quebec’s Theobroma Chocolat, it was a bit of a mixed bag but it turns out that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way.

The company let me know that their Pineapple bar was not their best seller and was actually being discontinued. Plus they offered to send me the other flavours instead, so I became the proud owner of one of their Collection Boxes. The box brings together the five current varieties in their range – Coconut, Raspberry, Espresso, Banana and just plain chocolate – and they also threw in their newest flavour, Orange, too for good measure.

I still like the shape and size of the bars; 35g is a good amount for a single sitting and I’m a fan of anything that helps me with my own self control issues when it comes to chocolate. Of course, that is somewhat negated by having six of the bars to taste but I was on my best behaviour. Just like the pineapple bar, the chocolate that Theobroma use is organic with a lovely deep flavour. That is really obvious in the pure 72% bar which is good eating all by itself.

All the bars with added stuff are made with 60% chocolate which is more than adequate to give the bars a solid flavour foundation. The wrappers rather generously describe the additions as chunks when the pieces are actually pretty small. The good thing, however, is that there is a lot of it added ensuring there the chocolate is actually tastes like the little picture on the front. That is particularly true of the coconut which has a lovely chewiness after the chocolate has all melted away. Also at the top of the pile was the Orange bar which had both a nice rich flavour with a really interesting crunchy texture that makes it stand out from a crowded field of citrus bars. A great addition to their line up.

As for the others – well, the little bits of freeze-dried raspberries help to give that bar some zing, and the balance in the espresso bar is just about right so the coffee isn’t overwhelming. The banana was my least favourite simply because the banana-chocolate combination never works that well for me – other people who tried it were much more enthusiastic for reasons that I will never fully understand.

So now that the Pineapple bar has been retired, Theobroma have a range of bars without any weak varieties. If you spot their slender bars anywhere then go ahead and jump in with both feet because you won’t be disappointed.


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