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After my previous encounter with LU biscuits, I’d thought that was the end of the matter. So imagine my surprise when in the same supermarket recently and I found there are more “European Biscuits” to try.

This time around, it’s LU Pim’s, a name which immediately has me thinking of a better known English drink, and frightfully well dressed people at the Opera making polite conversation, old chap. Such is the power of word association.

To me these Pim’s have a pretty strange name for what seems to be another version of the Jaffa Cake – something which has made its appearance in Australia over the last few years through various imports. Interestingly the original McVitie’s Jaffa Cake is not readily available here – only the various copies – some more dodgy than others. This creates something of a disadvantage for a comparison between products, but we’ll just have to make do.

First up – these claim to be raspberry / framboise, and on opening the pack there is a fairly sweet, fruity, jam sort of aroma. It’s hard to pick it as raspberry, but it’s quite pleasant. The biscuit is very soft, more of a cake, and slightly chewy with a generally neutral flavour.

I’m afraid to say I’m disappointed – from a technical perspective – by the chocolate topping. It looks quite nice, carefully molded and shiny, but the flavour is not very pronounced; and the ingredients list calls it “sweet chocolate with vegetable fat coating”, which sounds rather unappealing. The vegetable fat is listed as “one of Illipe oil, Palm oil, or Shea oil”. I have no idea what two of those three are.

As the judges on Masterchef Australia love to say: “it all comes down to taste”. And actually, for all my objections and careful analysis, these actually taste pretty good. The family like them too – they met with universal approval, and the pack disappeared pretty quickly.

Worth a try for the “cheap and cheerful” category.


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  1. Ana

    I think LU Pim’s are some of the nicest jaffa cakes we get here in Romania (we don’t get the original McVitie’s either, but there are lots of similar products). And they come in more flavours than just the usual orange and raspberry (we also get strawberry, cherry and apricot flavours).

    Milka have recently put out jaffa cakes as well (orange & raspberry). And they’re good. They’re covered in Milka’s alpine milk chocolate rather than the dark chocolate I’m used to (though there is a supermarket brand that does the cherry variety covered with white chocolate). Which is something I like here. I’m not crazy about the Milka taste, but I like that it’s creamy. And since the other components have something to say as well… I actually like the resulting taste. 🙂

  2. Lois Woolley

    Hi iam trying to find the white chocolate pimms cakes with raspberry filling. Can you help please

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