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Matt-tastic from Lindt never lets me down. He popped into Choco-Locketts the other day to present me with two clear boxes of Lindt Lindor Balls. The first box, was filled with some bronzed little chaps I’ve heard about and been dying to try for ages – Lindor Peanut Butter.

Now we all know that Peanut Butter M&Ms are the bees’ knees. The judges’ decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. The Lindor balls, however, are even better. Instead of a brightly coloured crispy shell we have Lindt’s always-superbly creamy and soft milk chocolate with the expected – and granted – buttery peanut centre. Heaven.

My fellow tasters – 41 year old Love Chunks and 9 year old Sapphire agreed and neither of them are peanut butter fans. The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to politely eat only one, or two or three, and our box of eighteen barely lasted one evening. And before you ask, the answer is No. No reading of the ingredients panel, or fat content was undertaken, as that would only spoil things.

The second box, containing Lindor orange, raspberry and mint balls is a seasonal mix that is likely to start appearing on the shelves as Christmas gift ideas. Although, if you’re like me, you’ll have to buy them about six times over again due to eating them yourself before seeing the gift recipient.

Clockwise from top left: Orange, Mint, Peanut Butter, Raspberry

Like a brain surgeon I carefully selected one of each flavour to dissect. It’s so disappointing when it takes me more than one ball to get the cutting right because it means I have to eat – that’s right, the endless sacrifices made in this job – the damaged stuff and try again.

The orange Lindor ball is coated in milk chocolate which is nice. That’s right, just nice, because dark chocolate would be even nicer, Lindt; hint hint. The mint is coated in dark and has long been a favourite of mine as the filling is a creamy white chocolate that melts perfectly after the dark coating is gone. The raspberry Lindor ball is the only one I’m not so confident about. It tastes a tiny bit too ‘chemical-ish’ for me and leads me to hope that one day the Lindt chefs get confused and add their already-fabulous strawberry or pistachio fillings that they use in their milk blocks into the balls instead by mistake. Or maybe they have another go at improving the raspberry flavour?


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  1. Becca

    Does anyone know where to find these in the US?

  2. Maggie

    Oh, I’m so loving the peanut butter ones! An advertising agency I have a few friends at did the campaign for these chocolates in the UK and they had plenty of those around the office. Needless to say I was a frequent visitor. The mint and raspberry ones are gorgeous, but the peanut butter variety beats all others. An absolute gem!

  3. Carys

    I have tried them once and I think they are Lindt’s greatest invention, I tried them by mistake in TK Max, love them and now I cannot find them anywhere? Probably best for the waist I know 😉

  4. Carys, I’ve just found them in TK Maxx again last weekend, and I know they also sell them in Selfridges, although they didn’t have any left last time I checked. I was utterly disappointed.

  5. Julie

    Yes, sounds delicious!!!! where could one find them in Namibia??? I love the BLUE box, (dark chocolate with smooth filling) but would love to taste the orange, peanut butter and mint.
    take care!

  6. Maria

    They sold the peanut butter Lindors (and all the other varieties),in Harrods as well as Selfridges last year. I havent looked this year. House of Fraser also had some before xmas but soon sold out and I havent seen them since.
    I’m quite glad they are so difficult to get hold of as thye are so delicious, I would find it hard to resist if they were available in Tesco!!

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