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Creative Confections by NADC is a new company from Scott and Kristin Berg. Since they informed me that the packaging for the truffles they sent me isn’t necessarily permanent, I will put my focus on the truffles themselves.

There are six in all, with flavor labels on a rather pretty piece of paper. All except for the Plain truffle have color swiped on top; the Orange is the only of these that doesn’t also include a little shine. I rather wish it did as the effect of the colored shimmer enhances a metaphor of truffles as jewels. It also lets the truffles, in their simple molds, sit with a pleasing combination of handmade and elegant.

In the green is a Rosemary truffle; its ganache is very smooth and very meltable, and its flavor is light. It’s more like a minty accent than a strong herbal element. Contrarily, the red Cabernet Sauvignon has quite more pronounced of a flavor, but still in a balanced way.

Painted orange, the Balsamic Caramel strikes up curiosity. Inside the chocolate shell is a free-flowing caramel, so this isn’t one to split into many small bites. The bite the balsamic vinegar gives is not entirely what like the presently-popular salt does. Yet tasting both balsamic vinegar and sweet caramel molded together in one flavor is disconcerting at first. I can’t decide from just one chocolate whether this taste is intriguingly innovative of unappetizing; however, the mere question has made it an interesting experience.

The Raspberry truffle is another nicely-balanced one, with the richness of the raspberry, which tastes true, fitting well into the ganache. The Orange truffle turns out to be one of the orange chocolates I’m fairly content with, perhaps because it is almost more fruity than orangey. The orange flavor is pronounced without necessarily being strong.

I ended with the truffle that probably ought to have been the first, the Plain one. The colors and flavors must have gotten me too excited to start with it. In any case, this simple, nice truffle exemplifies the smooth ganache all of these have (excepting the Balsamic Caramel, of course). The chocolate shells are all quite thin, which works with the style here. It adds to the delicate, laid-back effect. Since the chocolate is light in flavor, I wouldn’t put it higher than a mid-range cocoa percentage. This is one of the factors that make these truffles all too easy to keep eating, including the Plain, whose melting I rather lamented.

This is a nice start for Creative Confections. There are some classic flavors, but also a willingness to experiment. The balance of sweet and rich, with neither crossing the line, could mean a wide appeal. Neither am I sensing fillers or artificial taints. I can see this company coming to carve out its own niche.


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