Niederegger Marzipan Desserts Selection

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Another little souvenir of a trip to Europe, where marzipan seems to be much more popular than it is here in the UK, particularly in Germany, which is where Niederegger have their factory. As you can see, these chocolate coated marzipans are modeled on three different desserts (‘Himbeer’ being Raspberry). There are nine pieces in the box (three of each flavour), and they’re not small.

Each piece is made up of a dark, bittersweet chocolate coating (50% cocoa) or milk chocolate (33% cocoa) surrounding a marzipan sweet which has been filled with the appropriate ‘dessert’. The chocolate coating isn’t that substantial, but the filling makes up a fairly decent proportion of the finished product. Unfortunately only one of the three fillings was actually chocolate based.

The bottom line with these really is how much of a marzipan lover you are, as it’s the dominant flavour throughout. Unfortunately it’s not one of my favourites (I’m one of those people who leaves the marzipan when eating Christmas Cake) and not even the brightness of the raspberry or the depth of the extra chocolate filling in the Chocolate Mousse sweet could soften the taste of the marzipan sufficiently for me to really enjoy these.

Unless you’re a marzipan lover (and I know that such people do exist) then I’d have to say that if you fancy some dessert-themed confectionery, you’d be better off tracking down some Lindt Petits Desserts bars. Indeed, two of these flavours are available from the Lindt range (and to my mind taste a lot more like the thing they purport to imitate).


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  1. I absolutely adore Niederegger marzipan chocolates. I remember visiting Lubeck as a day trip on a school exchange trip to Hamburg. My exchange family took me there. I already loved marzipan, just the normal stuff you can buy in a block from the supermarket. This stuff blew me away!
    I do treat myself to it now and then but it’s even more expensive to buy from the rare places that sell it in the UK!

  2. In that case, what’s left is yours.

  3. I’m a big marzipan fan. I developed the taste as a young girl when I lived in Germany. I always looked for it and bought it at CostPlus when I lived in the U.S. and I can even find it at a small artisanal chocolate shop here in Tepoztlan, Mexico, where I currently live. If you have never tried it, do! It is made from almonds.

  4. Thanky Thanky for all this good inmotfarion!

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