Godiva Limited Edition Holiday Truffles

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Godiva Chocolate and I go way back. At one time, they represented the epitome of exclusive, high-end chocolate to me and I only ate them on very special occasions. These days, I would consider myself much more worldly about chocolate, but yet I still find myself drawn to Godiva truffles for both nostalgia’s sake and also because I still enjoy them.

So I was very happy to get my hands on a slender box of Godiva Limited Edition Holiday Truffles for those reasons, but also because it has a trio of special seasonal offerings which sounded interesting. The other 50% of the box was taken up by two of their mainstays – a milk chocolate truffle and a couple of dark chocolate truffles which I’ve had many times before. There’s really nothing wrong with them at all, but I was all about those seasonal ones. Here’s my thoughts:

Gingerbread Truffle – to begin with, I was a little concerned that Godiva had forgotten to put any ginger into this truffle, but I just needed to be patient. Definitely a slow-builder, with the ginger slowly building up and then gently disappearing into the creaminess of the milk chocolate. I like this one a lot.

Cranberry Truffle – easy to spot thanks to the cranberry-coloured sprinkles on top. The centre is very, very tart, but I wouldn’t necessarily pick it out as cranberry because it is more reminiscent of cherry to me. A very bold fruity truffle and very tasty.

Raspberry Linzer Torte Truffle – as someone who would happily sit down to a slice of the actual torte, this isn’t a disappointment. It manages to balance the cinnamon, almond and raspberries flavours so they all get their time in the spotlight. It is just a touch too sweet for my tastes, but it didn’t stop me from demolishing it.

Not a bad mix at all, and those seasonal varieties are what really makes this worth searching out. Or rather would make it a lovely gift to receive, so you should probably start dropping really unsubtle hints immediately.


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