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Pump Street Chocolate Christmas Collections

A beautiful Christmas chocolate selection

Zotter Chocolate Christmas 2020 Selection

Christmas themed treats from Zotter Chocolate

Pierre Marcolini Christmas 2018 Collection

A look at Pierre Marcolini's stunning Christmas 2018 collection.

Cream Tea And Christmas With Paul A Young

Cream teas and Christmas previews

Valrhona’s 12 Bûches Of Christmas

12 Christmas bûches prepared by London's top pastry chefs.

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

Simple and beautiful handmade chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection

Seasonal chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

zChocolat Holiday zBox

Luxury chocolates from zChocolat

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates Holiday Selection

Christmas themed chocolates from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

Mychelle’s Baketique Christmas Selection

A selection of Christmas treats from Mychelle’s Baketique.

Godiva Limited Edition Holiday Truffles

Holiday themed chocolates from Godiva.

Chococo Christmas Cocoa Pod Cracker

Chocolate cocoa pod filled with Christmas chocolates.

Paul A Young Brownie Mince Pies

Mince pies topped with a layer of brownie.

Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Christmas Cracker

A giant Christmas cracker stuffed with chocolates.

Matcha Chocolat Christmas Selection

Wonderful Christmas chocolates from Katie Christoffers

Valrhona Advent Calendar

24 milk and dark chocolates for the Christmas countdown.

Damian Allsop Christmas Pop-Up At The Corinthia

Damian Allsop's new Christmas pop-up at shop.

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Pudding Chocolates

A delicious Christmas pudding flavour chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Launch Christmas Range

Hotel Chocolate launches Christmas, Halloween and Beauty ranges.

Godiva Christmas Launch At Chocolate Week

Godiva launch their new Christmas chocolate range at Chocolate Week 2012.

James Chocolate Christmas Pudding Truffle

Christmas pudding shaped truffle from James Chocolate

Cloud Cocoland Christmas Selection

Winners of The Guardian's Chrismtas Taste Test

Hotel Chocolat Mini Crackers

Mini chocolate Christmas crackers from Hotel Chocolat.

Chococo Christmas Selection

A selection of Christmas chocolates from Chococo.

Lindt Chocolate Bears

A range of festive golden bears from Lindt.

Win A Christmas Hamper From Chocolate Trading Co.

Win a fantastic chocolate christmas hamper!

Zotter Christmas Crackling

Christmas flavours wrapped in Zotter chocolate.

The Chocolate Tasting Club Christmas 2010 Collection

Observant readers might be wondering why I’m writing about Christmas 2010 chocolates that you couldn’t possibly buy in January 2011. There is method (of sorts) in this madness, I assure you. These “Chocolate Tasting Club” chocolates were a Christmas gift …

Chocolate Craft Port & Cranberry Truffles

It’s always nice to meet new people in the chocolate industry, and the other week I met Debbie from Chocolate Craft at the Taste of Christmas show. I’d never heard of Chocolate Craft before, but Debbie had heard of Chocablog …

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I only found it humorous to get two boxes of chocolate in the mail marked “Hedonist Artisan Chocolates” (a hedonist being someone devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure). Really, what could be …

Chocolate Christmas Gift Guide

A run down of Christmas gift ideas!

Christmas Afternoon Tea At The Hilton

A Christmas themed afternoon tea at the Hilton Park Lane.

President’s Choice Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cups

Twice a year, the Loblaw chain of grocery stores (which I suppose would be the Canadian equivalent of Tesco’s) unleashes their newest creations onto the market under their own President’s Choice label. There’s normally all kinds of goodies, but the …

Cocoapod Christmas Tree Kit

This rather cute chocolate Christmas tree kit apparently came about by accident. Having designed the product, Cocoapod found it was impossible to post reliably without arriving in pieces, so opted to sell it as a “DIY kit”. Needless to say, …

Demarquette Victorian Ganache Selection

This little Christmas selection would normally come in a box of 16 larger chocolates, but I picked them up from Demarquette’s shop in Fulham Road at the launch, and these little tasters were quite enough for my review! There’s four …

Thorntons Christmas Event

Three week’s after Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas launch, Thorntons held their own Christmas event yesterday, showing what they’ve got lined up for the festive season. Held in central London, just around the corner from the swanky Hotel Chocolat apartment, this was …

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Launch

A hot and sunny day in early July may not be the obvious time to launch your Christmas range to the press, but that’s exactly what Hotel Chocolat chose to do yesterday. After having hired (or broken into, we’re not …

Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares

Last year, I looked at Ghirardelli’s seasonal Peppermint Bark; this year, I went for the bag of Chocolate Pecan Pie squares. While I wasn’t too impressed by the mostly white chocolate Bark, the Pecan Pie is wonderful. Pecan Pie isn’t …

Splendid Milk Chocolate With Eggnog

Eggnog chocolate. I’ve never personally come across it, so I was rather intrigued by the idea. It’s a weird drink that I’ve grown fond of. I let my curiosity win out over an unsatisfying look at the ingredients list. The …

Waitrose Chocolate Caramels

Another Christmassy offering from Waitrose here – a sibling to the rather yummy truffle boules I reviewed recently. This 100g box is the same size and shape as its sibling, but somehow not quite as pretty. The same goes for …

Hotel Chocolat Best Dressed Reindeer

I’m not sure why clothes are important to a reindeer. Neither am I sure how wearing nothing but a pink scarf qualifies someone as ‘best dressed’. But in the world of Hotel Chocolat, pretty much anything is possible. According to …

Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Pralines

This praline selection from Hotel Chocolat apparently has a Christmas theme to it. I’m not convinced the three snowflakes and two sprigs of holly on the box add up to the most festive theme in the world, but someone in …

Cadbury Snow Bites

The Halloween costumes are gone and the supermarket shelves have been filled with brightly coloured tat, which can only mean one thing. Christmas is right around the corner! This little bag was seen hiding in the “Edible Brightly Coloured Tat” …

Hotel Chocolat Little Angels

Time for more Hotel Chocolat Christmas specials. This time we have angel shapes made in solid white chocolate and ‘caramel chocolate’ – a blend of milk chocolate and caramel. It’s part of the same range as the Chilli Penguins and …

Hotel Chocolat Kissing Mistletoe

Hmm. So what can I say about this. Chocolate “kissing mistletoe”… Well, the chocolate’s nice. It’s that standard, smooth, glossy, 40% Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate. I think we’ve exhausted most of the adjectives that could be used to describe this …

The ChocolateSmith WinterMint Bark & Wax Chocolates

With all my time in Santa Fe, I had never come across The ChocolateSmith. Fortunately, Jeff Keenan sent me a few samples: WinterMint Bark, two wax chocolates, and a box of chocolates that I’ll review next. The WinterMint Bark is …

Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark

Milk and white chocolate with pink peppermint flecks.

Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Christmas Wreath

I love Hotel Chocolat. Everything they do is of exceptional quality and beautifully presented. But I like them most when they come out with something completely outlandish, indulgent and just plain weird. So as you might have guessed, I particularly …

Conscious Berry, Cherry, Merry Christmas

As mentioned in my review of the coffee bar, Conscious Chocolate have produced three new bars especially for Christmas – Berry, Cherry and Merry Christmas. Berry Christmas As one might expect from the name, Berry Christmas comes loaded with three …

Hotel Chocolat Chilli Penguins

Christmas is just around the corner and for me, that can only mean one thing. More weird and wonderful stuff from Hotel Chocolat. And what better way to start than these cleverly named “Chilli Penguins”. We have a bunch of …

Cocoa Bean Dark Chocolate With Christmas Tree

Well, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas, and of course that means seasonal chocolate products are already making their way onto the shelves. The Cocoa Bean ladies were good enough to send me this rather interesting little number …

Sainsbury’s Christmas Pudding Chocolates

Here’s a very seasonal little stocking filler – Christmas Pud flavoured choccies from Sainsbury’s. These were lurking under the tree on Christmas Day, and it wasn’t too long before I was beginning to wonder what they’d taste like. The packaging …

Merry Christmas!

Here at Chocablog HQ we’re taking a few days off to stuff our faces spend time with our families over the holidays, but we wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and a …

Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Christmas Cracker

If you’ve ever seen an Arnold Schwarzennegger movie, you’ll know that when you see a man wearing shades carrying a 2 foot long cardboard box under his arm and walking toward your house, it’s time to hide behind the sofa. …
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