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As you might have guessed, this family of golden bears is a Christmas offering from Lindt. Last time I mentioned Lindt on Chocablog, a chocolatier friend was shocked that I would even mention them in a post about fine chocolate, but actually I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for them.

Sure, they’re mass produced confectionery rather than fine chocolate, but they produce quality products and they’re far more accessible than many of our favourite chocolatiers. But most importantly, they don’t add junk like palm oil to their chocolate in the way confectioners like Cadbury, Mars and Nestlé do in the UK.

So what we have here is a range of three different 30% milk chocolate bears, very similar to the traditional Lindt gold bunnies that appear everywhere at Easter. There’s teeny 10g bears that either come individually or in a pack of five and a large 100g bear made from the same chocolate. As you can see, mine had a bit of a headache.

Bear with a sore head

Also available in packs of five are solid mini bears filled with white chocolate, a bit like a Kinder egg. Only solid. And bear shaped. Like this:

So are they any good? Well for a Christmas stocking filler, they’re not bad at all. They look great, and they’re made from real chocolate, unlike the chocolate stocking fillers I used to get as a child (usually just a bag of Revels stapeled to a stocking shaped piece of cardboard).

The milk chocolate is a bit sweet for me, but having opened all my bears, I still found myself nibbling at them without thinking. I think most kids would be happy to find a few of these in their stocking on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, they won’t be getting mine, as they’ve all disappeared. No idea where.


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  1. Ana

    I’ve seen them in stores, but thought they can wait for a while. I’ll certainly buy some, because no Christmas or Easter passes by without some Lindt figurines 🙂 So far, the only Christmas Lindt chocolate bars I got were the Winter Magic bars (Irish Coffee, Grog & Choco-Rum). I have a bit of a soft spot for Lindt myself. I love their Petits Desserts range and I find some of the Excellence bars and boxed chocolates very good.

  2. Anonymous

    I know that the bears are good. ( How can’t they be, their chocolate) However are they as good as the truffles?

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