Splendid Milk Chocolate With Eggnog

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Splendid Chocolates Milk Chocolate With Eggnog

Eggnog chocolate. I’ve never personally come across it, so I was rather intrigued by the idea. It’s a weird drink that I’ve grown fond of. I let my curiosity win out over an unsatisfying look at the ingredients list. The filling in particular is stuffed with unpronounceable names. It didn’t exactly raise my spirits, either, when I found that the bar is made by the very same Splendid Chocolates who make the Thanksgiving turkeys. Those turkeys had their shape to fall back on, but all this chocolate has is its name and a poinsettia wrapper. So much for novelty; it better taste good, at least, I thought.

Splendid Chocolates Milk Chocolate With Eggnog

Now, I truly believe that you can tell a lot about a chocolate by the color of its foil. This gold foil is too yellow; it spells out “cheaper” to me. Set it aside and you have a thick bar that breaks into five chunks. The white eggnog filling looks just as frightening as I’d imagined: a gooey, watery, pasty mess sitting inside the chocolate. You can’t pick up any smells from it, either, just from the chocolate. It doesn’t taste the most like eggnog, either. There are some faint Christmas spices, cinnamon and nutmeg, in there, but there’s so much sugar, as well. The sugar, along with the watery goo’s texture, is too distracting. The milky flavors come in more from the average milk chocolate, which is quite thick to be able to combat the goo.

I will give the bar this, it does get better as you keep eating. Tasting the Christmas spices with the sweet chocolate is nice enough. It is very greasy, though, which doesn’t work well with eating more.

As simply an “alright” chocolate, I don’t see why it should get away with costing more than another candy bar just because it’s an attempt at a novelty item. Honestly, if novelty is Splendid’s focus, can’t they do better than an okay chocolate that tastes a little like eggnog, stuck in a poinsettia wrapper?


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