Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares

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Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares

Last year, I looked at Ghirardelli’s seasonal Peppermint Bark; this year, I went for the bag of Chocolate Pecan Pie squares. While I wasn’t too impressed by the mostly white chocolate Bark, the Pecan Pie is wonderful.

Pecan Pie isn’t so much of my holiday traditions. I can only even think of once that I’ve even eaten it. Yet its warm feel, especially when combined with chocolate, makes for a fitting wintry treat. These squares keep up that feel — as soon as you tear their wrappers, a maple sugar and chocolate smell shoots out as quickly as light from a lamp when you flip the switch. Inviting, to say the least.

Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares

The squares are milk chocolate with pieces of caramelized pecans. The chocolate is creamy and milky, but full-tasting. it blends with the maple sugar/caramel flavor, the creaminess of the chocolate standing apart from the crunch of the pecans. That difference in texture only makes you want to eat more and more. I find myself glad that the bag was double the usual size, with about twenty-four squares. The candy dish I filled is already emptying, so I’m obviously not the only one to enjoy them.

Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares

I’m only wondering what sort of idea Ghirardelli had when they came up with their little rectangular bags of chocolates. Especially around the holidays, I find myself asking whether the bags are nice enough for gifts, or if they are meant more for eating yourself, putting in candy dishes, and stuffing stockings with. I suppose Ghirardelli is trying to fit itself for any of these purposes. Whichever you choose, the Pecan Pies do taste delicious.


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  1. Once the thrill of my New Year’s diet wears off, I’ll be sure to give these a try!

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    i <3 ghirardelli!!!!!

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