Christmas Afternoon Tea At The Hilton

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Last week, I went along to the London Hilton on Park Lane to try the Christmas Afternoon Tea with Judith Lewis from Mostly About Chocolate.

Regular Chocablog readers will remember that I sampled the special Chocolate Week and Halloween versions of this afternoon tea a couple of months ago, but when I heard they were creating another one for Christmas, I felt it my duty to go along and try it.

As we went along in the evening, the lighting wasn’t great for my own photos, so I’ve included the official press shot above. And I can tell you it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

After being presented with a beautiful box of tea to examine and make our selection, we took a look at the menu.

Here’s the complete run down:

Foreman’s smoked salmon & horseradish
Honey roast ham & Pommery Mustard
Prawn mayonnaise & baby gem lettuce
Cucumber with cream cheese & chives
Egg & Cress

Plain scones
Served with Devonshire clotted cream & praline chocolate
White chocolate and raspberry scone

Miniature Fancies
Dark chocolate and praline Christmas present
Miniature Christmas pudding parfait
Chocolate truffle
Star cookies
Gingerbread man
Christmas lollipop

New Style Cupcakes
Iced white chocolate and mandarin
Candied chestnut

We were also given delicious cocktail and a glass of Champagne to help things along. As you can see, this is actually very similar to the previous version we tried, and that’s a good thing. Why change a winning formula?

It’s difficult to find fault with the food, but if there is a weak point, it’s the sandwiches. They’re a beautifully presented line of open sandwiches, but they don’t quite have the wow factor of the rest of the tea. But then knowing what’s coming, that would be quite difficult to achieve.

So I’d advise against stuffing yourself on sandwiches and wait for the best part.

The scones and cupcakes are first rate and look every bit as good as they taste. The scones are beautifully light and those new style cupcakes also seem a little lighter and moister than I remember. The thick christmas-cake style icing on top does make them very sweet, but all that tea and Champagne helps cleanse the palate.

But the chocolate miniatures are the highlight. Made from Valrhona chocolate and served on a plate of solid dark chocolate sprayed in gold, they look amazing. Our selection of miniatures was slightly different from that listed on the menu above, but I put that down to the fact that they prepared this just for us – the real thing goes on sale next week.

I should also take a moment to say that on both my visits, the staff have been first class. Our waitress Monika was friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the teas. And despite taking afternoon tea on a dark and icy evening, the atmosphere in the restaurant was great too.

Whether you’re looking for something to do after your Christmas shopping in town, or just want a fun, relaxed – and chocolatey – way to spend the afternoon, then I highly recommend booking this now!

Christmas Afternoon Tea is available at The Podium Restaurant at The London Hilton on Park Lane from 13th – 26th December and costs £25 / person. (020) 7208 4022.


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  1. I also find the sandwiches a bit disappointing. I know that it is traditional to have small English style finger sandwiches, but i really think things have advanced since the Victorian times – they could go for some really amazing breads with some beautiful fillings – i mean who really wants to pay £25 for an egg sandwich (LOL).

  2. Maria

    Loved the comment from Debbie. However I do not have seen yet a restaurant doing great sandwiches. And I have been to most of the big show off hotels in London. Does anybody know a place doing exciting sandwiches with the afternoon tea?

  3. I been always reading your blog,at least to know the latest event and the latest menu and of course the latest flavors of chocolates.reading your blogs keep my hunger away because your blogs makes me full……..


  4. I have never been to the Hilton for tea. This looks elegant. I am starving.

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