Godiva Christmas Launch At Chocolate Week

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Godiva have chosen the first day of Chocolate Week to launch their Christmas range, and we went along to their Chocolate Café in Harrods to check them out.

The range is surprisingly good, with a good balance of quality and fun. Amongst the offerings are this shiny, beaded ball, filled with individually wrapped chocolate squares, Christmas figures (Santa, Snowman and Gingerbread Man), and ‘Christmas Tree’ boxes of subtly Christmas-flavoured milk, dark & white pralines.

There’s also a rather attractive box, encrusted with the Godiva logo in Swarovski crystals that contains pralines on the top layer and a draw with individual squares of chocolate underneath.

But the most surprising thing for me is the new range of single origin chocolate squares. This box contains chocolate made with beans from Uganda, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Ecuador. There’s a matching box of pralines made with the same chocolate.

This is a completely new thing for Godiva, and it’s really good to see them responding to changing tastes this way. I have to admit, I’m not much of a Godiva eater, but it seems they have something for everyone this year.

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