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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I only found it humorous to get two boxes of chocolate in the mail marked “Hedonist Artisan Chocolates” (a hedonist being someone devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure). Really, what could be a more fitting way to name chocolate?

This New York company also has a look that works: simple, but with accents that count. Their truffles are handmade “with French chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients.” The first box is the Fruit and Nut Collection, made with 72% dark chocolate.

Starting with the Pecan Cranberry, I found it to look like a tiny volcano with all of the nuts on top of the chocolate. First impression: the chocolate is more bitter/serious than many boxed chocolates. Next up, the Orange Peel is like little cave with buried treasure/orange inside. Still didn’t win me over to orange peel, but these pieces were less gelatin-like, though also rather acidic.

The Pistachio also has the nuts on top — like a crown this time. I enjoyed this one; it’s reminiscent of peanut butter, but saltier and with the singular pistachio taste. The Apricot I enjoyed looking at more than eating as dried fruits have never much interested me and there is more fruit than chocolate. All the same, I can’t complain about it. After all my comments on looks, the Candied Ginger still wins. It’s the castle, glittering by the seashore. Being so glittery, however, means that it’s also a tad strong for me, but it seems to be the type of ginger chocolate Ashleigh would approve of.

Moving on to the second box, we have the Holiday Truffle Collection. The Champagne Pomegranate has a lighter brown, dusty, truffle center and tastes rich and slightly boozy, with a berry jam flavor on the edges. Just what a truffle should be. The Molasses with Ginger has just one piece of ginger on top, giving a flavor I’m comfortable with. And I didn’t know molasses can taste silky; this one does, and it’s gorgeous.

The Fig truffle was like a Fig Newton that died and went to heaven. The crunch of a few tiny seeds in an inside of velvet, not thick fruit, the chocolate on the sides instead of the bread/cookie. For the Orange Clove, I was ready to announce “too strong” when I simple found the Christmas mood settled down upon me and must instead call it a good little truffle. Last is the Egg Nog, which isn’t even comparable to the bar I tried last year. This white inside truly does taste of all eggnog does: holiday spices, alcohol, and the thick egg taste, all surrounded by chocolate. This is what I needed.

Now I remember why I give so many middle-range reviews of the few boxed chocolate I look at.

Chocolates/truffles must be good-looking, and they must also have a taste-experience to match; otherwise, I can easier just pick up a bar. Hedonist Chocolates has passed the test. The Fruit and Nut Collection was nice, and the Holiday Collection was a great find.


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  1. Thanks for the well written and thoughtful review! We are a relatively young company and we love what we do so write-ups like this one mean a lot to us. Happy Holidays!

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