Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark

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While many Christmas chocolates are simply regular offers dressed up in red and green holiday packaging, Ghirardelli is one of the few that actually provides a flavor specific for the season.

This bar is eight squares of milk chocolate with peppermint-flecked white chocolate layered on top. The combination is fairly sweet and creamy, with a smooth taste from the white chocolate. The mint taste works itself into the overall flavor, but is a littler lighter than I’d like. It seems that it should make its presence a bit better known.

Also, if you crunch the peppermint pieces after the chocolate melts, you fine that they have no taste at all themselves. False covers; the mint taste must come from inside the chocolate itself. Its much better to lightly chew the chocolate so that they work as a nice texture instead.

I’m just a hairsbreadth away from disappointment. I was expecting some stronger flavors here, but after all, I did say before that Ghirardelli never does have much out of the ordinary. Still, if you’re looking for “Christmas” chocolate, this is a better choice than many of the things you’ll find in the average store. It does tend to be a little addictive.


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  1. I tried some of this yesterday afternoon. I really wish it would have been all peppermint bark and no chocolate. I agree with you that there’s got to be a tease in there.

  2. Aaron

    I have had this too recently and the flavor really isn’t strong enough, I didn’t realize the “peppermint” pieces weren’t actually peppermint though. I can never let chocolate melt in my mouth long enough to get to just the bits. I guess I will never be a chocolate reviewer for that reason. 😛

  3. I offer a peppermint bark that has peppermint oil & rice crisps. I find that the crunchiness of the rice crisps works really well with peppermint even though it doesn’t add to the minty-ness at all.

  4. Graham

    Was given a sample of this in the Ghirardelli shop in Downtown Disney. I found it very nice and bought some bars from walgreens (cheaper). I wish now I had bought home more. I bought some Raspberry bars but have now found out they are not vegetarian 🙁 Couldn’t find the Mint Cream bars.

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