President’s Choice Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cups

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Twice a year, the Loblaw chain of grocery stores (which I suppose would be the Canadian equivalent of Tesco’s) unleashes their newest creations onto the market under their own President’s Choice label. There’s normally all kinds of goodies, but the Christmas batch usually has more than its fair share of chocolate goodies just in time for the Festive Season. And rather than wait for them to appear under my tree during the remainder of December, I was more than happy when Loblaws decided to play Santa and send me a lovely gift of all their new boxed chocolates.

The first box I was drawn to was their Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cups because they looked so elegant. The slightly too tall design of the chocolates along with some nicely flavoured mousse centres seemed like a really good combination. But after looking at the box, I wasn’t quite so optimistic because right up near the top of the ingredient lists were both palm and coconut oil. Hmm. Not the best start.

Despite that, the chocolates aren’t too bad. They do veer on the sweeter side of things, but the balance of flavours in the mousses are handled quite well. Running through the five varieties, we have:

Dark Chocolate Cup with Espresso Mousse and Lemon Mousse – the initial citrus tones gives way to a relatively mild coffee mousse, before the lemon comes back again with the disappearing dark chocolate shell. Not bad at all.

Milk Chocolate Cup with Ginger Mousse and Dark Chocolate Topping – probably the worst perpetrator of the too much sweetness syndrome that the box suffers from. A real shame too because the ginger doesn’t stand a chance and lurks in the background, never threatening to take the spotlight.

Dark Chocolate Cup with Vanilla Mousse and Dark Chocolate Ganache – the vanilla mousse is the star here and provides just the right amount of contrast to its darker co-stars. The nuts on top provide some welcome texture too.

Dark Chocolate Cup with Pistachio Mousse and White Chocolate Mousse – it is hard to distinguish between the two layers of mousse visually, and that is also true taste-wise too. The good news is that the pistachio flavour is the one that wins out.

Milk Chocolate Cup with Hazelnut Speculoos Mousse – the creamy mousse is jam-packed with hazelnut flavour and the little bits of Speculoos biscuits give the chocolate some crunch and hints of cinnamon. Still a just a touch too sweet, but definitely the best in the box.

So all in all, not a bad collection especially if you have a bit of a sweet tooth that dictates your chocolate tastes. Plus nobody is really going to complain too much about such an attractive quintet.


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