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Soma Chocolatemaker Pineapple Ginger Twig

Bean-to-bar chocolate twigs from Canada.

Baroness Chocolates Bars

A Kickstarter funded Canadian chocolatier.

Soma Chocolate Salami

A fruity chocolate sausage.

Giddy Yoyo Spicy 76%

Raw Ecuadorian cocoa with cinnamon & cayenne.

Soma Black Science Bachelor’s Hall

Made with cocoa beans from the Bachelor's Hall estate in Jamaica.

Ambriel Dark Quinoa

Organic dark chocolate with quinoa.

Soma Chocolate And Friends

Flavoured disks from Canada's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Hagensborg Wild Boar Madagascar Dark 64%

Cute chocolate from Brittish Columbia

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Chocolates from Newfoundland

MoRoCo Chocolat Truffles

A collection of truffles from Toronto.

Delight Chocolate Truffles

Fresh truffles from Delight Chocolate of Toronto

Soma Mint Bar

Bean to bar milk chocolate with mint.

Soma Aleppo Pepper Bar

Peruvian dark chocolate with salt and pepper.

Denman Island Chocolate Alto El Sol

A single origin bar made from Peruvian beans

Choc’fleurs India White Chocolate with Ginger

White chocolate with Indian spices & petals.

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate

Milk chocolate with added caffeine.

Rochef Chocolatier Dark Chocolate With Maple Sugar

Dark chocolate with maple sugar chunks.

Choco Cocagne Assortment

An assortment of chocolates from Cocagne, New Brunswick.

Zazubean Mint & Cocoa Nibs

A mint and nibs bar from Vancouver called 'Lunatic'.

Rogers Chocolates Icewine Truffle

54% chocolate with a Canadian icewine filling.

Zazubean Banana & Salted Toffee

Dark chocolate from Canada with banana & toffee

Rogers Artisan Assortment

An artisan selection from Rogers of Canada.

Organicfair Sakura and Heart of Gold

Flavoured dark chocolate bars from British Columbia.

President’s Choice Dulce De Leche Truffles

Dulce De Leche Truffles from Canada

President’s Choice Milk Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee

Chocolate covered toffees from Canada.

Olivia Chocolat Artisan 86%

An organic bean-to-bar dark chocolate from Canadian chocolate maker Olivia.

Soma Black Science Dominican Republic Cacao Nibs

Addictive chocolate covered cacao nibs from Canada's Soma Chocolatemaker.

Soma Dancing In Your Head 70%

A blended chocolate made with beans from five countries from Canadian bean-to-bar chocolate maker Soma.

Soma Three Amigos 70%

We’ve made no bones about it at Chocablog – we like Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker an awful lot. Their Chuao bar was our top dark chocolate of 2010, and I would happily give up my first born (when or if that …

Donini Dark Chocolate for Wine Pairing

Ok, I’ll admit it. I bought this bar of chocolate because it was big – 250g – yet it cost the same as just about every other bar in the shop. And I’ll also admit that I had absolutely no …

President’s Choice Swiss Praline Collection

I’m not a fan of the increased use of palm oil in chocolate, but sometimes it is more noticeable. In the case of this box, the chocolates feel greasy when you pick them up. Not a positive sign.

President’s Choice Chocolate Fruit Fancies

They say that going shopping while hungry isn’t a good idea because you end up buying things you’d never usually pick up. So naturally, I do it all the time. And being the visual person I am, I inevitably buy …

Soma Chuao 70%

Canada’s Soma Chocolatemaker is one of our very favourite bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers, and their Chuao 70% bar is one of their best creations. Michael and I managed to get our hands on two bars from the same batch, and frankly, …

President’s Choice Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Collection

Next from the President’s Choice pile is the Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Collection, the flagship of their 2010 range and biggest of the boxes. It might even have been a load-bearing box because the others kinda fell over once it was …

Ayala Moriel Espionage Perfume Bar

Well, this is an interesting idea and as far as I know, something really quite unique. Perfume maker Ayala Moriel has collaborated with Vancouver chocolatier Rachel Sawatzky (also known as the CocoaNymph) to come up with a trio of chocolate …

Just Us Midnight Mint

On the episode of The Simpsons where Homer forms a barbershop quartet, there’s a conversation when the foursome are trying to come up with a name which states they picked one which was funny the first time anybody heard it, …

Flagrants Desirs Noir Poire

I remember reading something a couple of years ago that pear was going to be everywhere very soon. The only reason I really remembered was because not long after I was given a box of rather splendid chocolates that had …

President’s Choice Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cups

Twice a year, the Loblaw chain of grocery stores (which I suppose would be the Canadian equivalent of Tesco’s) unleashes their newest creations onto the market under their own President’s Choice label. There’s normally all kinds of goodies, but the …

Theobroma Chocolat Collection Box

The last time I had something from Quebec’s Theobroma Chocolat, it was a bit of a mixed bag but it turns out that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. The company let me know that their Pineapple bar was …

Dufflet Bittersweet Chocolate Crackle

Toronto’s legendary Dufflet Bakery is one of those places which becomes an necessary stop once discovered. Their selection of cakes, pies and pastries is impressive enough, but the fact that they taste as good as they look has cemented their …

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois Le Carré Pain D’épices

While Montreal’s Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois make spectacular chocolates, I really wasn’t sure if their fine touch would apply to their bars of chocolates too. But I really needed to know, so I picked out one from a range that also …

Sugah! Rocky Road & Chipotle Pistachio Clusters

When I first crossed paths with Sugah’s clusters, I was impressed by both the no nonsense approach to packaging (which I still love) and their ludicrous size – I could barely fit one in my mouth comfortably and believe me, …

Organicfair Canadiana

Writing for Chocablog has changed me. I used to be able to enjoy going to places and not spend my time digging around in shops obsessively looking for unusual kinds of chocolate, but not any more. Now I spend every …

Olivia Chocolat Touch Of Maple 76%

Now that bean-to-bar makers are all the rage, it is reassuring to see that Canada isn’t getting left behind thanks to the likes of Gatineau’s Olivia Chocolat. They are another one of those companies who appear to take their chocolate …

Soma Old School

To be completely honest, I’m glad I don’t live in Toronto for a few reasons, but the one that is jumping to mind has to do with Soma Chocolatemaker. If I did live there, I’d be down there at every …

Theobroma Chocolat with Pineapple Chunks

I’m seriously beginning to think that Quebec’s primary export must be chocolate because Theobroma Chocolat is yet another company that I had never heard of until recently. Taking their name from the Latin name for the cacoa tree, they specialise …

Sugah! Fog Burner

Wow. I suspect that there might be some coffee in this here chocolate because I can smell it before I even open the bar and I feel more awake by just looking at it. Impressive. Or maybe that has something …

Praline & Caramel – Cinnamon & Cayenne Pepper

One of the really wonderful things about hanging out in Montreal hunting for chocolate (apart from simply getting lots of chocolate) was discovering all kinds of Canadian companies I was unfamiliar with. And I had never heard of Laval’s Praline …

Lindt Petits Desserts Sorbetto

During my last shopping trip, it was hard not to notice Lindt’s new Petits Desserts Sorbetto chocolates on the shelf because of the really unique packaging they’ve been given – an oversized cardboard ice cream cone that declares in no …

Sugah! Retro Bars

Now that all things old are new again, and there’s money to be made from nostalgia, it isn’t really a surprise that some smart people are trying to capitalize on that. The Sugah! Retro range of bars are an attempt …

Sugah! Nova Scotia Concoction

After I e-mailed the nice people at Sugah! my review of their Anise Almond Clusters, they sent an e-mail back threatening to, and I quote, “inundate me with chocolate”. And then a few weeks later, they did just that. A …

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois Les Classiques

This was my final stop in the chocolate tour of Montreal because my host was saving her favourite shop until last. She loves Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois and it is easy to understand why. The shop might be tiny, but it …

Suite 88 Les Truffes Artisanales

My recent trip to Montreal for a conference was also a good excuse for a guided tour of the city’s best chocolate shops, and one of the first stops of the day was to Suite 88 Chocolatier. The shop is …

Canadian Mars Bars

Being of a certain age, I remember when Mars Bars were gigantic. I mean seriously big. So big that getting to the end of one could have potentially bring upon a diabetic coma. And they only 10p too… To be …

Sugah! Anise Almond Clusters

Sugah! are a company from Halifax, Nova Scotia that managed to slip under my radar until a box of their clusters appeared in my mailbox via a friend. She hadn’t sampled their chocolate before either, but liked the look of …

CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

After enjoying the eight little chocolates that Vancouver’s CocoaNymph sent, I was looking forward to trying one of their bars. In fact, I was actually looking forward to it even more than the chocolates which were gone far too quickly …

Rogers Chocolates High Tea Bars

Rogers’ Chocolates have been around for a long, long time and as a result it is hard to think of them as anything but a very traditional chocolate company. And considering their line-up of tinned chocolates and their Victoria Creams, …

CocoaNymph Collection

When you receive an e-mail asking if it would ok to send you some chocolate to write about, it is tough to say no. And that’s why I got a lovely package of goodies from Vancouver’s CocoaNymph, including a shiny …

Nestlé Noir L’Assortiment

I’ve always liked big boxes of chocolates – the impressive looking ones that you shouldn’t really buy for yourself because there are many other more sensible things to spend your money on. But this box was on sale and, let’s …

Cadbury Coconut

If you live outside of Canada, you may never have seen one of these, but I’m sure you can tell exactly what it is just by looking at the wrapper. Yes, it’s a Cadbury Bounty! I’ve not been able to …

Laura Secord Sex And The City Collection

I thought I should get into Valentine’s Day mode to see what the local stores had to offer for amorous Canadians. The majority of it was the usual stuff, just repackaged into heart-shaped boxes, but something did catch my eye …

Soma Arcana 100%

From what I’ve tasted so far, I’ve come to really appreciate Soma Chocolatemaker with their rather splendid bars created from small batches of chocolate made in their Toronto factory. Nevertheless, there is still something really intimidating about any 100% chocolate. …

Soma Chocolatemaker Exploration Box

Back in 2008, I was given a bar of chocolate from Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker as a birthday gift. I didn’t really know too much about them, but the bar – their Dark Fire 66% – sounded interesting with its promised …

Bernard Callebaut Selection

Bernard Callebaut is one of the best known chocolatiers in Canada. Based in Calgary, he’s been working out in Alberta since the early ‘80s and has built up an impressive reputation for himself over the years. The name might look …

Ganong Chicken Bones

The small town of St. Stephen in Southern New Brunswick is chocolate obsessed. It has a Chocolate Museum, runs an annual Chocolate Festival and has been the home of Ganong Chocolates, Canada’s oldest candy company, since 1873. Ganong might not …

ChocolaTas Assortment

The cleverly-named ChocolaTas is the company belonging to Wim Tas. He learned his craft in Belgium before emigrating to Canada back in 2002, setting up his workshop in Abbotsford, BC although these days they also have a store in Vancouver. …

Rogers Canadian Art Collection

Please welcome Chocablog’s new Canadian correspondent Michael Edwards with his first official post from Canadaland…. Considering that Rogers Chocolates have been making chocolates for more than 100 years, they have a considerable roster to choose from. Most of their standard …

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards is back with more Canadian goodies… Rogers Chocolates have been a mainstay in Western Canada since 1885. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, they make a more time-honoured range of chocolates including their signature Victoria Creams, a …

Nestlé KitKat 70% & Aero 70%

Well, this was a big surprise. It turns out that Canada, being the forward thinking country that it is, has taken it upon itself to pump up the cocoa solids in their KitKat and Aero bars to a whopping 70%. …

Terra Nostra Intense Dark

Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards is back with another Canadian offering… To be honest, I wasn’t even really expecting to find anything out of the ordinary in the chocolate aisle during a quick stop at the mall, but there just happened …

Laura Secord 70% Cocoa With Cocoa Nibs

Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards from Canda takes a look at something local… Laura Secord is a Canadian chain of chocolate stores along the lines of Thorntons that has never been my first destination when I needed a chocolate fix. My …
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