Choc’fleurs India White Chocolate with Ginger

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When faced with even the meagre selection of chocolate that I find in my local stores, the several varieties of Choc’fleurs bars really stand out. That’s because every bar in their range is hand-decorated with flower petals giving them a very colourful and unique look. In addition, the range is completely organic and made with Fair Trade Beans, and also sprinkled with hemp seeds which apparently add Omega fatty acids so you could make a pretty convincing case for this being positively healthy to eat. Or at least I did when I picked out the India White Chocolate with Ginger bar, in part because of my love of ginger and also because I had no idea what India White Chocolate was.

The bar itself looks very striking, with the added ingredients and flower petals pressed into the chocolate. The chocolate isn’t too sweet – the usual curse of the white variety – and comes in at a respectable 32%. The addition of turmeric turns the white chocolate a more buttery shade and lurks in the background giving an underlying spiciness which really helps to cut through the richness of the cocoa butter.

Considering that ginger is the featured ingredient, it is a little disappointing that less than half the squares actually have a piece of candied ginger – maybe that’s just down to the bars being handmade, but I did feel cheated. When it is present, it adds a lovely intense burst of flavour which will leave your tongue tingling. What I wasn’t so keen on were the roasted hemp seeds because their subtle flavour is drowned out by everything else and that means their sole contribution is texture and they shatter on crunching leaving too many little pieces to get caught between your teeth.

So this is a bar which looks better than it tastes although the main problem is the lack of balance of flavours. But with more ginger and less hemp it would be a completely different story .


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  1. Highly energetic article, I loved that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

  2. Hi! I’m from Choc’Fleurs! I just discovered this article, thank you for it and the lovely pictures! Unfornatunately we don’t sale more chocolate to Canada for the moment… but we now make chocolate with sesame seeds 😉

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