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After I e-mailed the nice people at Sugah! my review of their Anise Almond Clusters, they sent an e-mail back threatening to, and I quote, “inundate me with chocolate”. And then a few weeks later, they did just that. A great big box of their stuff to consume and write about, so here’s we go with their Nova Scotia Concoction. It is clear from the large blue box emblazoned with a rampant lion that this is something created to be as Nova Scotian as possible. Or to put it another way, something for the tourists.

As with all the Sugah! products, everything inside the box is clearly stated on the outside of the box, something which cuts down on surprises. So I was expecting local cranberries, blueberries and caramel infused with sea salt because they told me that’s what was in there. One little complaint – they say on their boxes that they use all natural ingredients, yet they use artificial vanilla extract. Not that big a deal, and very easy to fix.

The rampant lion thing continues inside, with the three colours of chocolates all featuring that same motif. The white chocolates have the cranberries inside, and it’s a good match. The tartness of the cranberries nicely balances out the sweetness of the white chocolate, and it is pretty yummy even to someone like me who isn’t the biggest fan of the white stuff.

The blueberries go with the dark chocolate, and they aren’t quite so successful. The chocolate is fairly mundane, but still has enough flavour to overwhelm the blueberries which just end up adding some texture to the whole thing and that’s about it. It isn’t unpleasant, but isn’t anything to write home about either.

The real stars of the box are the caramels. The caramel is of the thick, chewy variety, and is wonderfully rich and buttery. It hangs around long after the chocolate is gone, and has just the right amount of salt to punctuate the sweetness periodically. A whole box of these would be a very pleasant indeed.

Considering the target audience, Nova Scotia Concoction is not bad at all. While it isn’t the most incredible gourmet chocolate experience, it is definitely a lot better than most opportunistic tourist fodder is, especially those caramels. But Sugah! have some much better stuff than this waiting in the wings and I should know because I’ve aleady eaten some of it.


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  1. Lise

    Those caramels sound delicious. I’m looking forward to hearing about the other Sugah! stuff you like too.

  2. Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.

  3. Ashleigh

    Getting blueberry flavour into anything is just plain hard work. Very very difficult to pull it off.

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