Sugah! Fog Burner

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Wow. I suspect that there might be some coffee in this here chocolate because I can smell it before I even open the bar and I feel more awake by just looking at it. Impressive. Or maybe that has something to do with the fact that the wrapper states that it has been infused with massive amounts of Sugah’s Fog Burner coffee, ensuring nobody gets caffeinated by accident.

Good thing too because this really isn’t a very subtle at all – it slaps you in the face with coffee flavour immediately and there really isn’t much room for the chocolate to join the party. It’s just a mere 54% and could use a little higher percentage to balance out the coffee without too much sweetness. It comes close to getting it right, but it isn’t quite there.

What is really great about the bar is the texture – it isn’t really, really smooth by any means, so it won’t be a favourite of those who like their chocolate conched within an inch of its life. Some of the graininess comes from the bits of coffee which are also sprinkled on the back of the bar, but for some reason it just works.

Ultimately though, this is all about the coffee and if you like it strong then you will like big bold bar.


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  1. You description reminds me of the “Coffee – Dark Chocolate” bar Theo Chocolate sells. Have you tried theirs? I went on their tour here in Seattle this spring and fell in love with this one in particular. YUM!!! COFFE and Chocolate rock. The Theo coffee car isn’t as strong of a coffee flavor as you describe though, but enough that I’m wishing I had one RIGHT NOW!!!

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