Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

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Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards is back with more Canadian goodies…

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

Rogers Chocolates have been a mainstay in Western Canada since 1885. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, they make a more time-honoured range of chocolates including their signature Victoria Creams, a box of which I was hooked up with by their marketing coordinator Natasha.

Everything about the Victoria Creams screams tradition. From the classic red box to the individually wrapped chocolates nestled in the shredded paper inside, it is easy to believe that nothing has changed about them in more than 100 years. And that’s one of those warm, fuzzy feelings that some things are just fine the way they are.

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

The most obvious thing when opening the box is the size of these. These chocolates are enormous, with each one weighing in at an impressive 45 grams and measuring about 5 cm long; these are not one bite chocolates. If there was some kind of Ultimate Fighting Championship for chocolates, these would be more than able to take care of themselves – you get the idea. They’re big.

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

There’s a wonderful thick dark chocolate shell around every cream centre that adds some snap. The bittersweet chocolate is apparently 63% which is a good thing because it really helps to offset the sweetness of the insides. And the creams are just the way they should be – nice and smooth, with plenty of flavour. They are 16 different flavours available on a regular basis, plus a few seasonal ones like Cranberry and Eggnog. In this particular one pound box, there was Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Maraschino Cherry, Peppermint, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Maple and Caramel.

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

The absolute pick of the bunch is the Peppermint which is a beautiful balance between the sharpness of the mint and the slowly emerging sweetness of the chocolate. Very yummy. The fruit flavours are more subtle than expected, probably because of the natural flavourings that don’t overpower. My least favourite was the Maple which was just too much because of the maplely sweetness – one little bite and I was done. I did keep returning though until it was gone; persistence is always a good idea.

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

The biggest problem, if you can call it that, is that most people could probably only manage one or two of these in one sitting because while they are definitely not unbearably sweet, they do provide a good old-fashioned sugar rush. That’s probably while they are still around after all this time.


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