Soma Mint Bar

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It might be a bit of an understatement to say that I’m a fan of Soma Chocolatemaker but since I haven’t set foot in Toronto in the past 12 months, I’ve been reduced to slowly whittling away the stash I had built up. And just when I was getting to the bottom of the my chocolate cooler, a friend sent me a bar from her bi-monthly pilgrimage to Soma.

So what’s new with Soma? Well, they’ve made a mint bar and they called it Mint Bar too which makes perfect sense because it is a no nonsense bar of chocolate. They’ve used milk chocolate which was a bit of a surprise, but they’ve gone for a generous 45% which gives it a lovely richness but it is still nice and creamy too. It also leaves lots of room for mint too, but Soma have showed some real restraint and added just enough to get their point across.

It’s a very subtle minty blend that doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate and that makes for an easy eating bar which doesn’t stick around for long. Even those not inclined towards mint and chocolate are likely to be surprised by how well balanced a mix this is.

Soma Mint Bar might be a lesser bar in the Soma canon in that it doesn’t offer the complex flavours of their glorious Chuao chocolate, but it demonstrates just how deftly they can handle everyday flavours too. A very tasty bar of mint chocolate, just like they promised on the wrapper.


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