President’s Choice Chocolate Fruit Fancies

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They say that going shopping while hungry isn’t a good idea because you end up buying things you’d never usually pick up. So naturally, I do it all the time. And being the visual person I am, I inevitably buy things that look good on the box – I’m a sucker for a nicely composed, well-lit photo and that means I was really looking forward to cracking open my box of President’s Choice Chocolate Fruit Fancies.

These are lovely looking chocolates, especially considering that they are an off-the-shelf supermarket box. You really don’t expect to get something this classy for such a reasonable price. The vividly coloured domes look very appealing indeed and chances are I would have probably gone and bought a box based on the visuals alone even if I wasn’t going to write about them.

Do they match up in the taste department though? Well, not exactly. Or rather that all depends on how sweet your tooth is because these also are like quite a few of the President’s Choice offerings this year – a little on the sweet side. Much of that is down to the fact that four of the five varieties are made with white chocolate and that becomes the dominant taste, despite the fact that there is also a layer of dark chocolate ganache hidden inside each one. So while having a choice of Apricot, Mango, Bilberry and Strawberry fillings is nice in theory, they all taste very similar – fruity and sweet. They are still tasty, but in a one-dimensional way. The Kiwi one, which has a milk chocolate shell, is much better suggesting that there could definitely have been a better balance achieved between the inside and outside of the domes.

So it is another case of close but not quite there for President’s Choice. This isn’t the right box to sit and work your way through if you are looking for an intense chocolate experience. But I’m sure nobody would mind if you showed up to any social event with a box of these because they sure do look pretty.


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