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Now that all things old are new again, and there’s money to be made from nostalgia, it isn’t really a surprise that some smart people are trying to capitalize on that. The Sugah! Retro range of bars are an attempt to return to simpler times when chocolate was guzzled rather than savoured. Back when it was an uncomplicated sweet treat and that’s definitely reflected in the suitably whimsical wrappers.

The Shortbread bar is like a very generously coated chocolate biscuit. One of the things that makes the Sugah! range so good is that they don’t shy away from using rich ingredients that others might avoid. So that means the shortbread is nice and buttery, and is the perfect compliment for the milky chocolate.

The Pretzels bar is equally straight-forward – chocolate with some chunks of crunchy, salty pretzels. Kind of like chocolate coated pretzels which have been covered with an excessive amount of chocolate, then formed into a bar. Good stuff.

The Peanut Butter bar is the odd one out here simple because I was anticipating the peanut butter to come squirting out the sides of bar after the first bite. But instead, it is just solid milk chocolate which has had a big dollop of peanut butter mixed in with it. That makes for a bar which is definitely not short on flavour.

And if none of these three tickle your fancy, there are also some other choices like Smores, Coconut and Caramel Corn. They might not be a high-class gourmet experience, but they are a lot of fun and eating three or four in quick succession will result in the kind of sugar high you probably shouldn’t had since you were seven.


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  1. I totally love those three! they sound delicious!

  2. I’d go for Sugah! pretzels. I like pretzels since then…

  3. Rodzilla

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a peanut butter bar like that, I’d be interested to try it..but I think I’d miss the PB filling.

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