President’s Choice Dulce De Leche Truffles

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This year’s offerings from President’s Choice, the store brand for the Loblaws supermarket chain in Canada, are for the most part, rather uninspiring – just their own versions of more familiar chocolates. But there are a few more intriguing items that can be found currently on their shelves, including their Dulce De Leche Truffles. It was only a matter of time before they got around to putting some of the South American caramel inside chocolates because they’ve been selling it as a spread and on cheesecake for a couple of years now, but I was still looking forward to trying them.

The box contains 16 of the ball-shaped truffles spread over two layers, and it states on the box they were “Imported From England” but I’m really not sure who the maker might be. Palm Oil is listed in the ingredients but to be perfectly honest, the chocolate tastes pretty good to me. The truffles have a lovely thick shell which means that it takes a little bit of work to get inside, and that’s a good thing because the dulce de leche in the centre is very, very runny.

The potential issue with any combination of milk chocolate and dulce de leche is that it can be very sweet, but fortunately these stay just on the right side of the line. The creamy chocolate and creamy caramel work very well together, and there’s a real lushness to the truffles that makes them feel more luxurious than you’d expect from a supermarket. I found myself quickly working my way through half of the top layer.

And that’s how I discovered the real problem with this box – the chocolates are rather one note. There’s absolutely nothing about them which isn’t revealed after the first bite. No hidden depths. No layers of flavour. Just chocolate and dulce de leche, although it is done very well. But after four, I’ve had enough and I’m going to share the rest of the box, something which speaks volumes.


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