President’s Choice Milk Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee

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The ubiquitousness of butter toffee couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was always more than happy to eat the occasional Skor bar, but these days it is turning up in all the best chocolate shops and also in the supermarkets too. And so President’s Choice have added a tin of it to their line.

The large tin looked a lot more impressive before it was open – there’s a lot of packaging to house the fifteen or so large pieces inside. Each piece is very generously coated with pieces of roasted almonds too. So generously that the bottom of the tin is absolutely covered with pieces that fell off and you’d never know because each bit of toffee is still very generously coated. The nuts are there more for texture than anything else and despite the fact that there are lots of them, they definitely take a back seat to both the chocolate and its contents.

The chocolate isn’t anything to write home about – there’s no percentage provided but I’m assuming that we’re talking about something in the twenties or thirties. Any issues with the chocolate, however, is completely overshadowed by the butter toffee which is really good – nice chunky pieces which are rich and crunchy, just the way they should be. This isn’t a sophisticated butter toffee like those which have been perfected by the likes of Poco Dolce, this is just a big slab of buttery goodness which is rough around the edges and very easy to eat.

I definitely wouldn’t complain if someone handed me another tin right now, just in case someone was considering it.


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