Theobroma Chocolat with Pineapple Chunks

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I’m seriously beginning to think that Quebec’s primary export must be chocolate because Theobroma Chocolat is yet another company that I had never heard of until recently.

Taking their name from the Latin name for the cacoa tree, they specialise in 100% natural bars that also happen to be organic and gluten-free. Two big pluses in my eyes. Their bars stand out because of their unusual shape which is definitely Tobleronesque, but with longer pieces which are thankfully not as pointy reducing the number of chocolate-related accidents when eating too quickly – I can’t possibly be the only person that has happened to.

The one I picked out to try was their Pineapple Chunk bar, simply because it isn’t your run of the mill variety. The chocolate itself was a satisfactory 60%, and tasted just dark enough for the pineapple which was of the dehydrated variety that shows up in trail mix. The pieces of pineapple could hardly be described as chunks – more like small pieces which could only be tasted after a direct hit. Once the chocolate was fading away, the flavour was much more obvious but it is never really more than background noise in the form of sweetness, apart from adding some chewiness to the proceedings.

It is a definitely an interesting idea, but maybe there’s a reason that pineapple is usually overlooked when it comes to chocolate. By the end of this slender 30g bar, I had had enough and was wishing I had gone for the coconut instead. Disappointing, but not completely without potential because the chocolate itself was pretty good.


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  1. Lise

    I’ve had the coconut one – it IS good. Also I will admit to some Toblerone-related injuries as well. 🙂

  2. theobroma choclats are very testy n amazing

  3. ms starra

    Hello; have been a chocolate gourmet, since childhood. First my grandmother sent us choc.from Belgium every year, then lived in Belgium myself….as you know, best choc. is from this small country. Live in Ontario: the Theobroma which came out, few yrs ago: you did not miss anything with the coconut: it is constantly blooming and not fresh, and gets too soft…I love anything coconut. The best of the best is their marriage of raspberry and dark chocolate. Unfortunately it is hard to get in touch with their 800#, and when leave a message with name and address, they NEVER respond. Finally contacted them in the spring but never completed the contact.
    so: try the raspberry……have been gifting so so many.

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