Flagrants Desirs Noir Poire

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I remember reading something a couple of years ago that pear was going to be everywhere very soon. The only reason I really remembered was because not long after I was given a box of rather splendid chocolates that had a lovely pear truffle in it. And then Lindt introduced their Intense Pear bar which I’d see from time to time but it never really got to the ubiquitous level that I was promised in that article. So while I wasn’t really expected to cross paths with a pear bar during my last visit to my local store, I did.

Flagrant Desirs is a company whose path I had crossed one time before – an 85% bar that packed a bit of a punch and took me quite a while to work my way through. Their Noir Poire bar is a more subtle 72% although you actually wouldn’t know, but more about that later. The most obvious thing on unwrapping the bar is the really strong pear aroma which is a good sign in a pear bar, and the chocolate itself looks mottled with little bits of pear.

A closer examination of the ingredients isn’t quite so optimistic though – it mentions “Pear Nuggets” which are made from sugar, pear mush, apple, dextrose, pineapple fibres and a few other things. Those chewy nuggets are really sweet too, tasting almost like a candied pear and that’s why the 72% chocolate almost doesn’t feel dark enough anymore. The sweetness of the pear completely dominates in the battle against the chocolate and this becomes a very fruity bar of chocolate which does admittedly taste of juicy, ripe pear. Just like the box says it will.

So really, the success of Flagrants Desirs Noir Poire is dependent on how sweet you like your chocolate and how much you like pear. If you can answer yes to both questions then this could be the answer to all your prayers. As for me, initially I quite enjoyed it, but then it all got too much for me and I needed a break. Later, I repeated the same thing again, and so on – I’m persistant, if nothing else.


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  1. Ana

    I’d like to see more chocolate and pear combinations. I’ve tried the Lindt Excellence Intense Pear and some pear truffles from Truffettes de France. Oh, and the pear & chocolate dessert from Coppenrath-Wiese. And that’s all I can remember right now.

    It’s true that I have tried quite a few chocolate and Williams pear liqueur combinations 😛 (from Lindt, Anthon Berg, Abtey, Villars, Leonidas, Trumpf…)

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