Cadbury Coconut

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Cadbury Coconut

If you live outside of Canada, you may never have seen one of these, but I’m sure you can tell exactly what it is just by looking at the wrapper.

Yes, it’s a Cadbury Bounty!

I’ve not been able to find out much about this bar, and as far as I can tell it’s a Canadian-only thing, but I managed to pick one up in CyberCandy’s London shop.

Cadbury Coconut

As you can see, rather than the two-small bars of a Bounty, Cadbury have gone for the shockingly radical option of three bars. Nobody will be able to accuse them of copying now!

There’s no hint of the kind of chocolate used, although it looks a little darker than Dairy Milk. It does however have a full set of ingredients in English and French which describe it as “unsweetened chocolate” which doesn’t sound very Cadbury like, but the same ingredients list also mentions “…modified palm oil, modified vegetable oil, palm oil, vegetable oil…” which sounds much more like Diary Milk to me. So it could be anything.

Cadbury Coconut

Inside, it looks quite like a real Bounty bar, if perhaps not so pristine and white. In that sense, it’s more like the M&S version of a Bounty.

Like the M&S bar, it’s also not quite as moist as the real thing. That could be partly down to the fact that this particular bar embarked upon a long and arduous journey across the atlantic to reach my stomach, but I suspect it was made that way.

Still, this is quite edible and a tasty little snack. I think I prefer the three-bar format (I have TWO friends now), but it’s just not quite as good as the real thing.


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  1. Simon

    More palm oil again eh? I have started to look very closely at the ingredients of chocolate bars just so I can do my best to avoid it.

    I used to be quite partial to a Bounty in my youth (although in fairness, if it was chocolate or chocolate coated, I was partial)

  2. Amy

    I used to LOVE Bounty’s as well but without the moistness that comes with it I’m afraid that it’s just not the same. Who wants a mouthful of dry coconut and chocolate? Yuck!

  3. Sue Stowers

    Good evening, recently we purchased in New Brunswick,Canada, the Cadbury Coconut. This is the best coconut bar we ever tasted. Next day this was sold out!!!We live in New York USA and shop at Stop&Shop, Bayside NY, will we be getting this product? Please let us know. Thank you, Sue

    • kim

      I live in NB Canada and I am at a loss to understand what happened. There are no more Cadbury coconut bars anywhere! They have been replaced by bounty…yuck…unless you wanted to eat a bag of raw coconut! I have not been able to find anyone to admit they have discontinued them.

  4. Beth

    My sister fell in love with those in Ireland

  5. Maureen

    The chocolate is good but the coconut is dry. The Bounty coconut filling is more palatable.

    I love cadbury but this one did not do it for me

  6. Brian Huntley

    Bounty’s better than Cadbury’s “Coconut” by far, but now I want to try an M&S just to round out my experience. Pity Marks & Sparks vacated Canada decades ago.

  7. Devin

    I’ve been eating those since I was a kid and Nielson was making them, I’m 28 now and still love them

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