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I’m a big fan of Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker. The Chuao bar I reviewed back in January is still one of my all time favourites, but I’ve tried two recent batches of the same bar, just weren’t the same. They were still pleasant chocolates, but the light & fruity notes that I love so much just weren’t there for some reason.

So when the lovely Judith brought back some more Soma from Canada (it’s is still not available in the UK unfortunately), I was interested to see how it would compare.

Like the Three Amigos bar, this is a blended chocolate, this time made with beans from the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Ghana, Ecuador and Peru.

It does seem a little odd to me that a quality bean-to-bar operation like Soma would choose to produce blended chocolate, rather than working on highlighting the unique flavour characteristics of a single origin. It’s even more interesting that they would mix a fine, fruity Madagascan bean with one from Ghana, but Soma clearly know what they’re doing, so I’m happy to go along with it.

Interestingly, the Ghanaian beans are from Kuapa Kokoo, the cocoa farming co-operative which owns Divine Chocolate.

Of course, flavour is the most important thing, and it’s immediately obvious that some of the more interesting flavour notes have been diluted in the mix. There’s a slight hint of that citrus fruit, a little spice and the odd flowery note, but it’s quite difficult to pick out specific flavours (especially for someone like me who’s rubbish at it at the best of times).

It is a pleasant, well rounded chocolate though, and something I’d happily nibble on through the day (if I had more than a 25g bar). It has a gentle sweetness and a smooth texture that make it very easy to eat, but it doesn’t grab your attention like the Chuao bar did. I can’t say that it especially ‘dances in my head’.

Pleasant, but if I had a limited budget to buy Soma chocolate with, I’d go for one of their single origin bars instead.


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